-Our Thoughts with the Victims-

About Y&F

Welcome to our website. We are Yurick and her Friends (Y&F).
We originally became friends in SNS, named Q-Eng, for English-learning, and there we have been learning English together.
Yurick is one of the friends.
It was Yurick that motivated us to learn about Kanemi Yusho and create this website.
Kanemi Yusho is a food poisoning which was caused by contaminated rice oil in 1968.
We were surprised at first that we knew very little about the problem; Kanemi Yusho didn't end yet, and its victims are still suffering from the symptoms.
We want people across the world to know more about Kanemi Yusho.
We want more scientists and doctors to find remedy for this disease.
That's why we created this website.
We are still working on our English, and we hope our English helps this words of website spread overseas.
If you find something wrong with our English, let us know that in your comments or on Twitter @YandF_Kanemi.
If we get inappropriate comments, we may delete them without notice.

Why Kanemi Yusho?

Yurick has been suffered from physical weakness and poor health condition since her childhood.
She was under the impression that her physical weakness was by nature, but in 2012 she heard that she had taken in “the Kanemi Rice Oil” about the age of 3.
It was the oil that the allegedly worst food poisoning, Kanemi Yusho, was caused with.
But she cannot think that her sickness was related with that old food poisoning incident.
The more research she did, the more incomprehensive and unreasonable incident she thought it was.
Yurick says it doesn’t matter whether she is a victim or not.
However all the victims did was just pick up the oil at a store and consume it, not knowing it was dangerously polluted. She thinks it's quite unfair that they're still suffering the consequences.
Yurick wants you all to know this fact more and more people.
But there were no websites where we can get the information about Kanemi Yusho, so she thought that she wanted to build a website on Kanemi Yusho.
We, Y&F, want to help her so we came together and built Y&F.

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Our Destination

Is a real salvation how much money the victims get per year? We think it is not.
We hope a cure for Kanemi Yusho will be found and the victims will recover the healthy body and their ordinal life.
We hope for the world without any bias against the victims and any discrimination in their hunting a job and getting married.
We hope they can spend ordinal life. This is the only road for the real salvation.
It will take a really long way to get there, and we can’t get there even if we ask anyone.
We have to consider this incident for ourselves.

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