Path of Exileの攻略情報Wikiです。

Essence (真髄, エキス) は、装備品をクラフトするためのカレンシーの一種である。
装備品をレア化するが、その際 Essence ごとに予め決まった MOD を必ず含むことができる。
Essenceリーグで導入され、Version 2.5.0 にてコアゲームに採用された。


Contempt1Adds (x) Physical Damage
Adds (x) Physical Damage to Attacks
Reflects (x) Physical Damage to Melee Attackers
Greed1(x)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
(x) to maximum Life
(x)% increased Flask Life Recovery rate
(x) Life Regenerated per second
Hatred1Adds (x) Cold Damage
(x)% to Cold Resistance
(x)% increased Cold Damage
Woe1(x)% increased Spell Damage
(x) to maximum Energy Shield
(x)% increased Elemental Damage with Weapons
(x)% increased maximum Energy Shield
Anger2Adds (x) Fire Damage
(x)% to Fire Resistance
(x)% increased Fire Damage
Fear2Minions deal (x)% increased Damage
Minions have (x)% increased maximum Life
Minions have (x)% increased Movement Speed
Sorrow2+(1-2) to Level of Socketed Cold Gems
(x) to Dexterity
Torment2Adds (x) Lightning Damage to Spells
Adds (x) Lightning Damage to Attacks
(x)% chance to Avoid Lightning Damage when Hit
(x)% chance to Avoid being Shocked
Doubt3(x) to Accuracy Rating
(x) to Evasion Rating
Rage3+(1-2) to Level of Socketed Fire Gems
(x) to Strength
Suffering3Adds (x) Cold Damage to Spells
Adds (x) Cold Damage to Attacks
(x)% chance to Avoid Cold Damage when Hit
(x)% chance to Avoid being Frozen
Wrath3Adds (x) Lightning Damage
(x)% to Lightning Resistance
(x)% increased Lightning Damage
Anguish4Adds (x) Fire Damage to Spells
Adds (x) Fire Damage to Attacks
(x)% chance to Avoid Fire Damage when Hit
(x)% chance to Avoid being Ignited
Loathing4(x)% increased Critical Strike Chance
(x)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
(x)% reduced Mana Reserved
(x)% Chance to Block
(x)% chance to Dodge Attacks
(x)% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
Spite4+(1-2) to Level of Socketed Lightning Gems
(x) to Intelligence
Zeal4(x)% increased Attack Speed
(x)% increased Movement Speed
(x)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
Dread5(x)% increased Projectile Speed
+(1-2) to Level of Socketed Bow Gems
+(x) to Weapon range
(x) to Armour
(x)% increased Armour
Envy5(x)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
(x)% to Chaos Resistance
(x)% increased Chaos Damage
Misery5(x)% increased Cast Speed
(x)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
(x) to maximum Mana
(x)% chance of Projectiles Piercing
(x)% increased Flask Mana Recovery rate
Scorn5(x)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
(x)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
(x)% chance to Dodge Spell Damage
(x)% chance to Avoid being Stunned
(x)% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold