もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

Here we are again…making another I say Vlog and I keep telling myself I’m going to stop doing these because you know they’re just so easy, they’re lazy you know there’s no content that’s just me talking
I’ve never finished any other projects I set out to complete and
I feel like this is just the worst…anyway so January started off great for me.
I mean I had my 22nd birthday and I celebrated that with the…Ryuhei and Bobbyjudo.
My birthday was also significant to me because I had an interview.
There was an interview made possible by you guys so that’s why I want to tell you about it.
After Alejandro and I won the Lotte fits dance contest and we received the prize money.
I realized that I can use it for the greater good or something and so what I did was I applied to a 専門学校 for music.
So, I dressed up in my best suit, walked in you know sat down and answered some questions in…
It was…how(??) nervous you know…
I never plan on staying in Japan as long as I have and you know it cost 200$ just to apply.
So, it was a big decision to make you know…
It turns out that I’ve been accepted.
The reason that I’m still here, the reason that I keep trying to go further is because of you guys and if I hadn’t won that money in the contest, I would have never even been able to think about continuing here and you know…actually I didn’t get a lot of money.
I mean it’s definitely not enough.
It doesn’t cover the school fees.
I need 8000$.
I’m not going to ask you for money that..that’s not what I’m trying to say…
What I’m trying to say is that the reason that I’m even halfway there that I’ve even…the reason that this is possible is because of you guys and I can’t tell you enough like how thankful I am, how wonderful it is to have this opportunity right now.
It wasn’t easy.
It really is not easy to stay here especially when you stay here for a long time because I think most people will tell you that no matter how much, how good your Japanese is, no matter how hard you try to immerse yourself in the culture you will always be a 外人 and there are a lot of times when even myself, I want to give up, I want to go home.
The reason I keep doing that’s the reason I keep setting goals and the reason I keep achieving is because I know that I have what 2400 of you know.
All I have to do is remind myself that I’m living the dream of many other people.
I feel a lot of responsibility to continue doing the right thing and keep moving forward and showing you that anything is possible and so what I’m trying to say is knowing that you guys are watching me gives me the strength to keep trying and keep moving forward and the money from that contest…it’s not going to go to waste.
I want you guys to know that…I have no idea how I’m going to pay for this school but at least now thanks to you guys.
I’m halfway there and I just want to say thank you and I’m sorry for making these ship(?) I say Vlogs(?) but…
(Only you’re/I’m going to get better from here I promise. ??)



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