もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

A few people noticed one video ago that I had made 99 videos and that this week it would be my 100 video.
I was thinking “Wow Wow I have to do something exciting or something to show my appreciation” and I thought about doing like a giveaway.
The problem with that is that only 1 or 2 people would be benefiting from it rather than everyone and that’s not really the best way to show appreciation.
So, I thought (out/about/of?) something even better.
I want to give you advice.
No but honest serious no
When I looked back over the past year in the videos that I have made, I realized that the very few of them actually had helpful information.
So, today I don’t know what I’m doing…
So, today I would like to talk about language learning and I think that most of you are smart enough to know that learning a language does require a little effort and you need to put the time in it and you need to constantly put the time in it.
Even though sometimes it may seem like you’re ??? and you’re not getting better, the important thing is to keep practicing.
You need to be exposing yourself to it everyway that you can and continuing that exposure even when you feel like it’s not necessary or even if you feel like today I don’t need to learn Japanese.
Once you've put it down, you’ll forget it and you’ll never pick it up again.
So it’s important to get into a habit.
Keep in mind that these are things that will supplement your learning, not do the learning for you.
One of the things that helped me when I first came to Japan was music.
It wasn’t so much that I was memorizing lyrics and studying the translation of every single word.
I found that singing songs at … during karaoke was actually very good for speed reading.
When you’re singing in karaoke, you have to… you’re restricting yourself to that rhythm.
The good new for those of you who don’t live in Japan already is that there are websites online.
I believe sound café.jp.
I put the link in the description.
Sound café.jp has a website for Japanese songs.
I’m not sure I think you might have to pay for it.
The worst case scenario… even if you can’t find a karaoke video online with the lyrics, if you memorize the song and then print out Japanese lyrics and sing along to the song while only looking at Japanese lyrics.
It kind of helps not only get used to kanji in the way that it’s pronounced, your recognition of kana characters as well.
You'll get quicker and quicker because you’re restricting yourself to that tempo, to that speed.
I guess if you were counting, No2!
When you learn a word for the first time, try to use it at least 3 times in 3 different sentences.
When you are learning a language, there’re so many things that go inside and out the other.
The best way to retain that information is to force yourself to use it.
It also helps you feel more comfortable with using the word, whatever it may be.
So there is that.
And No3!
One of the quickest ways is to learn the language is to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, but you should never get a boyfriend or girlfriend specifically for the purpose of learning another language.
If you are generally interested in the country and their culture and their language, then make friends with people that you think are awesome or people you like.
Don’t make friends with someone just because you expect them to teach you language…
If you decide to be friends with someone simply because you want them to teach you Japanese, then that’s the role that any other person could possibly fall ?? and that doesn’t make that person feel very special.
So if you do make friends for the purpose of studying language, don’t tell them you expect them to be your teacher, rather just enjoy the conversation that you have and be the best friend that you can be and you’ll find that if you’re really interested in what that person has to say, you’ll find yourself pulling out your dictionary, translating, trying to figure out what they’re saying and then try to figure our how to make a response.
If you are looking for a language partner specifically for the purpose of being your language partner, then there are websites that you can go to for example Lang-8…Lang-8…
I’ll put it in the description below.
In the mean time, I just want to say thank you for being such incredible supportive people and…I can’t say thank you, you guys.
So yeah…that’s all for today.
I hope you have a good long weekend happy Canadian thanksgiving happy 健康の日in Japan and…yeah talk to you soon.
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