もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

I hope I’m in focus again.
If I’m not in focus this time, I’m going to flip a table…I swear…

Hey guys!
How’s it going?
Raise your hand if you are thinking about coming to Japan as an exchange student.
Did you really raise your hand?
Did you really think I could see you?
I can’t see you…
But I do happen to know that there are lost of people who are thinking about going to Japan on an exchange or people who are thinking about going to North America on an exchange.
I was 17 years old when I first came to Japan and I had a really unflattering haircut.
I did study Japanese briefly in Canada before I came to Japan.
But ultimately all I could say when I came to Japan was…こんにちは、はじめまして・・ミカエラです・・・私の趣味は・・・テニスをすることです・・・よろしくお願いいたします

I don’t even like tennis.

And when I think about when I first came to Japan…yeah…you know what?...
It was really hard.
It’s hard to go somewhere brand new outside of your comfort zone where you don’t speak enough of the language to actually express yourself.
I felt like a baby when I came to Japan.
I felt like I was only capable of having simple conversations.
Micaela Happy!
Micaela Cold!
Micaela Sad…
But luckily for you the good news is nothing worth happening comes without struggle and although it’s not easy to like leave your comfort zone and go to a brand new place you’ll become such an independent person and that will take you much further and life that you could never imagine.
One of the most common…emails I get is like “How do I pay for this?”
That is one thing that most people don’t get over…
Yes! Going overseas cost a lot of money so if you are planning on going in a next year, you’d better start working, you’d better start saving now.
The good news is if you are here as university student or if you are here as a college student, you can’t work part time while you’re living in Japan and having a job is a great way to meet new people and improve your language skills.
The third thing that I want you to understand is that going on exchange will change your life.
Now you may’ve heard of culture shock, the feeling that you get when you go to a new country, everything is different and you have a hard time accepting it.
Culture shock is a very real thing.
Most people experience it but on the bright side most people get over it.
However reverse culture shock is also a thing.
Once you spend a long time overseas and you go back to your own country, you might find it very hard to settle in.
But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
All it means is that this experience changed your life.
You will learn to like yourself so much because in the worst of times you’ll be the only person who understands you.
And don’t forget the fastest way to learn a language is through immersion.
Once you are in an environment where that language is being used all the time, you’re going to pick it up so fast!…much faster than if you were just studying it in university.
You know people ask me questions on YouTube all the time…
“How did you learn Japanese?”
“How did you get to Japan?”
“Why do you get to be a model sometimes?”
The truth at the base of all these questions is that simple fact that I was ready to leave my comfort zone and create the reality that I wanted to live…
Like honestly I’m not that special…
I’m not that unique or there’s no special reason why I could do this and you can’t.
So for those of you who are wondering but have no idea how to get stated I’m going to leave a bunch of links in the description below.
If you’re Japanese they’re links to foreign exchange services
If you are interested in coming to Japan they’re links that can put you in the right direction.
Really if I could do this, there is no reason why you can’t!
Anyway so that’s all…#$%&
Ahhh#$%& I keep heading #$%& this door!.
So thank you for listening!
Hopefully this helps a little!
Good luck you guys, I mean it!









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