Hey guys!
How’s it going?
My name is Micaela and this week is another episode of ミカエラとキット NIPPON珍道中.
So if you saw last week’s episode you’ll know that we were in 裏原宿 which is kind of like the off beaten path.
After visiting the art gallery we headed downtown to do a little bit shopping.
After all there’s one thing 原宿 is known for (its??) its fashion…
I want to dress in some of the craziest fashion I can find here so I’m going to ask the… shopkeeper for help and advice on coordinating the perfect 原宿 outfit!

Fashion from the 1980’s is making a come back in Japan.
Bright neon colored-accessories are used to accent the outfit.
One of the best parts about shopping in 原宿 is that you never know what you’re going to find.

Tattoo tights… tattoo tights are really popular in Japan right now and all the rage in 原宿 fashion or so I’m told.
…like little 8 bit characters on them and as a staff were just telling me these are actually really popular as souvenirs for foreigners.
Foreigners come in and then buy lots, and then they give them to friends as gifts which I think is really good idea.
I’ve never thought of giving tights as a gift before but I think I will next time I go back to Canada.
After shopping around finally my look was complete.
8 bit tights, a leopard print skirt, a shiny sweater, some accessories and a hat.


After a busy day of shopping I’d quickly change back into my clothes and stop by the Café Nescafe in 原宿 nearby.
Café NESCAFE is a great place for people who want to come and you know charge their computers, do work in café drinking coffee, using free Wi-Fi.
The popular café is a great place for people to sit and do their work, do their homework and just relax in a comfortable social environment.
I think it’s actually really cool that Nestle has café like this in 原宿 designed for people like me who do a lot of work on their computer all the time .
I was also really surprised to see how many people were there.
It’s really popular.
That’s it for this week.
But please don’t forget to check out the other episodes viewable online on the Nestle webpage.
We update 3 times a week.
It’s very busy.
We’re trying hard.
If you check it out that would be really cool…if not, (??I’ll ??) see you here next Friday…
That’s fine…


t8NhaP Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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