I love bitter coffee in the morning.
Hey guys!
How’s it going?
My name is Micaela.
Welcome to (a?) another episode of ミカエラとキットNIPPON珍道中…my room edition.

Last week we visited 二子玉川 which is a really nice residential area not too far from the central of Tokyo.

二子玉川 is very famous for its beautiful river and green parks but it’s also know to have back streets of cute little select shops.
And the example of this is the Box & Needle, a one-of-a-kind store that specializes in selling…
You guessed it …Boxes!

It’s so weird because when I was told we were going to a box store, I was like “Oh…Okay..yeah…Let’s go to the box store….guys, whatever.”, but actually coming here these boxes are so cool.

They’re wrapped with...designer paper and you can choose your own paper.

You can customize your own boxes what you want them to look like but like they’re so cool like the colors are so bright and patterns on the outside are really vivid.

I never thought I’d find myself wanting to buy boxes as bad as I do now.

After the box store (and?) getting some amazing ideas for home decoration we headed to Pet Paradise.

We have booked Kit an Aroma massage.

I didn’t even know dogs could get aroma massages.
I don’t even get aroma massages.
A dog’s getting a much better treatment than I am.
But here at Pet Paradise there’s someone who… a specialist who will be giving Kit a massage and she’s going to be teaching me how to do it as well.

So we’ve got this awesome aroma spray.
This is for balance.
We also got this bee’s wax cream here which is handmade.
This is for paws.
This is to moisturize Kit’s paw’s and then we have bug repellents, citrus scented bug repellent and these have all been handmade by Miss.佳代子先生 who has taught us how to massage the dogs today.

Thank you so much.
These are awesome.
I had a lot of fun learning how to get Kit a massage.
Now if only I can train him to massage me back.
See you next week!
Take care!








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