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When I wanna share, I bump.
You know, Bump.
It’s downloaded by millions of people to exchange contact ?? like this.
But over time Bump is grown.
You don’t just bump contact anymore.
You bump all kinds of things.
What else can you bump?
How about song?
We all connect music we love.
Bump makes it easy to connect ?? music you love.
Just pick anything from your library
Bump it and preview it.
Need schedule meeting or share an event with a collegue?
Bump can do that, too, just by access to a new calendar.
Pick an event.
Bump that event.
This not just for iPhone, neither. Android gets to bump.
In fact, Android and iPhone can bump together.
It’s a bump world.
What else you have in your phone?
Apps maybe? Yeah..
You have a few of those.
Sometimes you wanna share.
Sometimes you wanna bump those apps.
After the apps store you go??
Wait, I wanna bump from all the way here you’re thinking.
Don’t worry friend.
You can even bump remotely.
Don’t even have to be there.
Watch this.
We bump friends.
So, we can bump from anywhere.
You can use bump to share all these things now.
So, go, download bump, launch bump and then.


OoX2JG Really enjoyed this blog post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

Posted by awesome things! 2014年02月05日(水) 23:46:31








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