FormID: 000281B7 Crime ServeSentence 0 "Serve your time peaceably, and pay your debt to society."
FormID: 000281B8 Crime ServeSentence 0 "Hope you rot, criminal scum."
FormID: 03000ED5 zqCore zline30020 0 I could heal you with some special tentacles.
FormID: 03000ED5 zqCore zline30020 1 But a side effect will lower your personality.
FormID: 03000ED5 zqCore zline30020 2 Are you sure you wish to take this form of healing?
FormID: 03000ED8 zqCore zline300201 0 "Okay, then go to the room on your right hand, the tentacle creature will find you."
FormID: 03000ED9 zqCore zline300202 0 "Good. Unless necessary, I really don't want to heal my slaves with those tentacles."
FormID: 030015AA zqUnion zcsm0001 0 I have you now! Your body and soul are mine!
FormID: 030015AC zqUnion zcsm0001 0 No need to be upet! I have placed half of my soul into your wanton body.
FormID: 030015AD zqUnion zcsm0001 0 I know you are very lustful and your body can recover from any injury so I choose you as my foremost slave.
FormID: 030015AE zqUnion zcsm0001 0 I can give you pleasures beyond imagination!
FormID: 030015AF zqUnion zcsm0001 0 "As no-one can endure the cycle of energies, most die before they experience orgasm."
FormID: 030015B0 zqUnion zcsm0001 0 "But you're different, I'm sure you cope with the pain."
FormID: 030015B4 zqUnion zcsm0001 0 I'm dying!
FormID: 03001C8C zqCore GREETING 0 You are wise to free yourself of this armour!
FormID: 03001C8D zqCore zlnerastarel001 0 Let me free you. I can lift the curse of lust.
FormID: 03001C8F zqCore zlnerastarel011 0 "Fortunately, you are a very sensible woman. Alas I was not and learned a harsh lesson."
FormID: 03001C8F zqCore zlnerastarel011 1 You have nothing to regret!
FormID: 03001C90 zqCore zlnerastarel012 0 "You are foolish and will be the demons plaything, as was I."
FormID: 03001C94 zqUnion zcsm0001 0 ......
FormID: 03001C9B zqPlayerState zccreaturefuckme 0 I can't help myself. My pussy is on fire! Take me now!
FormID: 03001C9C zqPlayerState zccreaturefuckme 0 I can't help myself!
FormID: 03001C9D zqCore zline30018 0 It is very simple. Mortals will sate your desires. Remember I need you eggs. Slave.
FormID: 03001C9E zqPlayerState zccreaturefuckme 0 My pussy burns!
FormID: 03001C9F zqPlayerState zccreaturefuckme 0 Please fuck me!
FormID: 0300236E zqCore GREETING 0 "Bow before your master, slave!"
FormID: 03002A38 zqCore GREETING 0 You have escaped the lusts of the demon! Go and do not look back.
FormID: 03002AAB zqCore zline300151 0 Accept my blessing
FormID: 03005AC3 zqUnion zuline10013 0 "Oh yes, you'll do. Very nicely indeed!"
FormID: 03005AC3 zqUnion zuline10013 1 I'm very pleased with you! I'll pay your mistress myself.
FormID: 03005AC3 zqUnion zuline10013 2 Oh yes! I'm do like you! (licks lips laciviously)
FormID: 03005AC5 zqUnion zuline10014 0 Oh? You have found the dehumanize point of Anat?
FormID: 03005AC5 zqUnion zuline10014 1 En......looks like a perfect bond.
FormID: 03005AC5 zqUnion zuline10014 2 "Ok, you may go now, but I'll hire you soon!"
FormID: 03005AC7 zqUnion zuline10015 0 "Don't be so reserved, call me mistress. I like it when you call me that!"
FormID: 03005AC7 zqUnion zuline10015 1 "It's getting late, go back now......"
FormID: 03005AC9 zqUnion zuline10020 0 "My lovely slave, I have a new mission for you."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 0 "Ah, you're so lovely when obedient."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 1 This is what you must do.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 2 "You know of the Countess, Nalinna Caveen?"
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 3 We have an 'arrangement'.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 4 She proposed we gamble for your service. At first I thought to reject such a stake of of hand.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 5 Her gambling stake is the Stone of the Transmission Symbol.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 6 "A very attractive power, even for one such as myself."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 7 So the terms of the wager are this:
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 8 "If you can defeat the strongest sex fiend which she fields, I ill be declared the winner."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 9 "If you lose three times, then by the terms of the wager, the Countess will be adjudged the winner. "
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 10 "If the Countess is declared the winner, I must surrender you to her mercies."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 11 "Naturally, she will demand you labour sexually to pleasure her!"
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 12 "To increase your chances, I demanded a few conditions."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 13 You may challenge her strongest evil spirit at any time.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 14 "Regardless of how often you are defeated, so long as your final tally of victories is greater then the number of defeats, we win."
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 15 Perhaps becoming her slave might not even be final. (????)
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 16 She found these additional terms refreshingly original and eagerly agreed to them.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 17 She has also agreed that your initial fights may be with weak opponents until you gain some understanding of the ways of this arena.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 18 I had to agree to such attractive terms. I stand to gain handsomely.
FormID: 03005ACB zqUnion zuline10021 19 So tell me. Are you prepared?
FormID: 03005ACD zqUnion zuline10022 0 You fill me with confifence.
FormID: 0300622F zqUnion zuline10016 0 "I know you will find me secretly, no one can bear that orgasm!"
FormID: 0300622F zqUnion zuline10016 1 Let's begin! Now you must drink this potion.
FormID: 03006230 zqUnion zuline10016 0 Let's begin! Drink this potion is necessary for sure!
FormID: 0300688B zqUnion zcsm0001 0 No! I'm really dying! Release me!
FormID: 0300688C zqUnion zcsm0001 0 I feel I'm fading! This is...this cannot...
FormID: 0300688E zqCreaturePK ztcreature0001 0 A warrior such as you shouldn't challange this inferior monster in the arena!
FormID: 0300688E zqCreaturePK ztcreature0001 1 Look at the crowd! They are very disappointed in you. If you don't do try harder events may go very badly for us!
FormID: 03006890 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0002 0 "The crowd comes to see the monsters fuck you, not be killed by you!"
FormID: 03006890 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0002 1 You showed some amazing scenes until you killed all the monsters!
FormID: 03006890 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0002 2 Perhaps gang rape will satisfy the audience? I trust you will cooperate?
FormID: 03006893 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0003 0 "Excellent, the arena still welcomes you!"
FormID: 03006894 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0004 0 "Since your performance did not satisfy the audience, we decline to pay you!"
FormID: 03006896 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0005 0 "I have no choice, we have put too much into this arena to allow spectators to beome bored."
FormID: 03006896 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0005 1 "We must give them what they want, please understand."
FormID: 03006896 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0005 2 "I hope you will reconsider, don't make things difficult."
FormID: 03006899 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0007 0 What a pity we shall report you to the countess. She will be sure to punish you.
FormID: 03006899 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0007 1 "If you come to make trouble, next time things may go differently."
FormID: 0300689A zqCreaturePK ztcreature0007 0 The countess has ordered to use this on those who couldn't satisfy the spectators!
FormID: 0300689A zqCreaturePK ztcreature0007 1 Let's see how long you can endure this.
FormID: 0300689B zqCreaturePK ztcreature0006 0 Of course. I will see to your needs.
FormID: 03007D22 zqCreaturePK ztcreature0002 0 Don't be stupid! This isn't your first time here. You know what the crowd wants!
FormID: 03007DB8 zqCore zline300173 0 "I 'm reluctant, but I grant you a period of brief respite."
FormID: 03007DB9 zqCore zline300182 0 I know my wanton slave needs to be gravid again!
FormID: 03007DBA zqCore zline300181 0 The armour has evolved too far for that.
FormID: 03007DBB zqCore zline300183 0 I will never let you go! No eggs? You will beharshly punished!
FormID: 03008314 zqCore zveryhappy 0
FormID: 03008B70 zqCore GREETING 0 My soul been bound by Lord of Chains.
FormID: 03008B70 zqCore GREETING 1 I require you to be lustful and willing at all times!
FormID: 03008B71 zqAwaysFuck GREETING 0 Take it! I insist!
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 0 "As you can see, the 'Lord of Chains' is a helpless slave, and the women you captured now grant me power in their torment."
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 1 Soon I will give them Cursed Armour and send them forth to seek their own replacements in this chamber of endless torment.
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 2 Isn't that exciting? You will have more sisters. You will be their Mistress as I am yours.
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 3 I know you have doubts about your memories that I hid from the Lord of Chains.
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 4 But it's better for you to forget those painful memories now!
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 5 Now I give you a mission that will lead to extraordinary orgasms. Go to the countress' chamber.
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 6 Don't be intercepted by the guards! Use your body to silence them if required!
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 7 Take this chain armor with you. By wearing it you will limit the power of the cursed armor.
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 8 Fulfil her requirements. Put on this armor. You are to be her sex slave tonight.
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 9 She will give you an orgasm like no other except those I give you myself!
FormID: 03009D50 zqUnion zuline10001 10 You are expected. The goddess statue over there will send you to the surface. You must evade the Chainbeasts though. It amuses me!
FormID: 0300B2ED zqCore zline25012 0 I need one of your eggs
FormID: 0300B2F0 zqCore zline250141 0 You must keep yourself in the best of conditions to service me.
FormID: 0300B2F1 zqCore zline250141 0 I require service from you. I need 5 eggs.
FormID: 0300B2F3 zqCore zline25018 0 "Of course,but be warned, you will find that flying is quite draining."
FormID: 0300B2F4 zqCore zline25018 0 "I require you to labour on my behalf, wench. I need 10 eggs from you."
FormID: 0300B8AD zqUnion zuline10011 0 "Oh, finally, I've been waiting for a long time. Still, you seem worth that wait."
FormID: 0300B8AD zqUnion zuline10011 1 I'll tell you what you must do in a little while.