FormID: 030FB6D7 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0  Gosh I get sOo tired of those Pimp's they catch me at the worst time's and force me to do there Job's.

FormID: 030FB6D7 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 1 And if I don't do just exactly like they want, they take me somewhere...{sigh}

FormID: 030FB6D7 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 2 And have some of there Bull's, train me...Or thats what they call it. Non stop dirty sex is what it is...

FormID: 030FB6D7 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 3 There is one that is nice though, She hides in the Mages Guild, oop's I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that.


FormID: 030FBDF6 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 HI, Charge..{Smile}

FormID: 030FBDF8 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina01 0 OH..! I am sorry, My name is ReGina I am a Pimp, but don't worry..Tee, Hee..!

FormID: 030FBDF8 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina01 1 I am not like the other's, and Charge is what we called Courtesan's once....

FormID: 030FBDF8 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina01 2 We use to serve as your protector's and I was proud to do my Job..then..{Sad}

FormID: 030FBDF8 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina01 3 then the Drug came, and things changed, so fast.. I don't like what we have become.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 0  I guess I can tell you, My father after mother died, She was a beautiful Courtesan..So Pretty.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 1  My Father, at first blamed himself, but as time past, he blamed my Mother, Began to Curse her.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 2 Said she should have waited for him, That Courtesans should never go out alone.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 3  Then he created a drug that gave magic abilities to all the Pimp's who took it.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 4 And he taught them all the Slave spell's. I know the spell's but I have natural Magic, and do not need the Drug.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 5 But those that took the drug changed, They began to revel in there new found Power over female's.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 6 It was like the more drug they took the more abusive they became to there Charge's.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 7 Johny use to be such a nice person, but now.! he is truely wicked in the way he treats his Charge's.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 8 I am sorry, I have spoken enough for now...I hide in the Mage Guild to avoid My fathers sight.

FormID: 030FBDFA xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina02 9 Mage Guilds have strong Shield spells that hide me... Please be careful around the other Pimp's.. Goodbye..!

FormID: 030FBDFB xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 BOOTY

FormID: 030FBDFC xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0  Control drug, Hummm..! What type, Love potion, Personality enhancement, infatuation, there are so many...?

FormID: 030FBDFE xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 0 Gosh, I wish I could help...But I would need a sample of this drug..without that I can not be much HeLp..!

FormID: 030FBDFE xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 1 Do you think you could get me a small vial of the stuff, then I could tell you more.

FormID: 030FBE00 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug02 0  Okay..! But be careful, I do not trust the Pimp's The Girls in the School, are very fear full of them.

FormID: 030FBE00 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug02 1 And from what I hear with good reason..But I did hear that this ReGina is different.

FormID: 030FBE00 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug02 2  I will wait for you to return...But Please do not take any big chances..Be SaFe...!

FormID: 030FBE01 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Have you managed to aquire some of that Pimp drug yet ??

FormID: 030FBE02 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 0 Oh..! You do have it, please, let me see it, give me some time. Come back latter I will let you know what I find out.

FormID: 030FBE04 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugNo01 0  Oh..! I was JuSt, Well thinking, Maybe , well you are very good at such thing's..Let me know when you have some.

FormID: 030FBE06 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Hi Hi ! sweety.. It is good to see you again, I am still hiding from My father .. as long as I stay here he does not know if I am Pimping or not..Tee, Hee !

FormID: 030FBE09 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina03 0 Oh..Gosh..! If I get some father will know something is up.. Because I do not need it..Hummm..!

FormID: 030FBE09 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReGina03 1 There might be a way, but you may not like it..it involves you being my slave..Bitch..!

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 0 Well, I can meet you at the SeaSide inn latter, I will have to make you my Slave Bitch..!

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 1  Then I will drag you to the BeastPen, where I will tell my father I want the bulls to Train you some.{Sigh}

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 2  Father will be sOo HaPpY that I am using my skill's, he it should cause him to be less mindfull of thing's.

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 3 You will have to undergo a terrible Orgy of lust, and depravity from the Bull's..

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 4 However they will let you rest at some point, and alchemist bench there, may have a sample on it.

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 5 If you could grab a potion from the bench..and hide it somewhere...!

FormID: 030FBE0B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina04 6 Latter I should be able to take you back as my slave, and lead you out of there...

FormID: 030FBE0D xloversGGBondageSex CRBSRegina05 0 I am SoRry, but I know of no other way to get you close to the Drug..it is guarded closely.

FormID: 030FBE0F xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReginaOK01 0 I will see you latter at the SeaSide Inn. I will have to treat you like Nicky and Johny do..Please forgive me.BYe, Bye !

FormID: 030FC526 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 PIMP_CLIENT_TOMB

FormID: 030FC527 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0  {{Whispers}... I have to act like this} Hey Bitch..! you need some training...Come with me..NOW..!

FormID: 030FDAF3 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 {Reginas whisper's. They go blind when they rest, but only for a few moments. get the potion then Fast}..Heres that Bitch, Fuck her well..!

FormID: 030FDAFE xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 TRAINER_01

FormID: 030FDAFF xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 TRAINER_02

FormID: 030FDB00 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 TRAINER_03

FormID: 030FDB01 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 TRAINER_04

FormID: 030FDB02 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 It is time to teach the Bitch her status..You are only meat to fuck..Nothing more..!

FormID: 030FDB03 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Your Butt needs to be tenderized, so you remember your status..as meat only for fucking..

FormID: 030FDB04 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Time again to remind you of your status, as a cum bucket, good only for holding semen..You shal be flooded with the sperm of many.

FormID: 030FDB05 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Now your food, the only food a Bitch need's..that which please's its master..eat it all you filthy Whore..!

FormID: 030FDB0A xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Red, and beaten, and well fucked will be the Ass of a Bitch...You will be made that way..

FormID: 030FDB0B xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Your mouth speaks only shit..Lick my ass that you may remember this, as I dip my tail in you filthy cunt..{Snarl's}

FormID: 030FDB0C xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 I will now fill your womb, with my seed..do not seek pleasure, for you should never have it..Ha, Ha..!

FormID: 030FDB0D xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Grunt, from the Pain, as I bugger your stench...marking you with my fluid...You are a Whore..!

FormID: 030FDB0E xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Your ass is not red enough Bitch, I shall make sure that it is black and blue, before we are done...

FormID: 030FDB0F xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Again you shall be bound, and shamed...that you may know your true nature..as a captive to my pleasure.

FormID: 030FDB10 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Lick and suckle my Cock, it is all that you are good for..My dick...Clean it with your Whore mouth..!

FormID: 030FDB11 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Another beating, and then some rest, but not for your pleasure, but for our's..You deserve nothing..

FormID: 030FDB12 xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Lets go Bitch, Maybe you have learned something from this..Be a Good Bitch..Ha, Ha, Ha..!

FormID: 030FDB14 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Golly, I never thought we could pull it off, I am sOo Sorry I had to treat you that way.. I mean, I did not like doing it..

FormID: 030FDB14 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 1 But it was the only way..I don't think we could have gotten that potion any other way.

FormID: 030FDB14 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 2 Ummm..! you do have it don't you..?

FormID: 030FDB16 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSSortOfSigh 0 what do you mean, stuck, ?

FormID: 030FDB19 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSStuck01 0 Okay, well at least you have it, I hope it help's us some way..I'll be at the Mages Guild latter..Bye Bye..!

FormID: 030FDB2B xloversGGBondageSex CRGBSJohnySells01 0 Gosh..! I am glad to be done with that, I hated doing that to you..I am sorry..

FormID: 030FDB3C xloversGGBondageSex CRBSSortOfSigh 0 What you mean...Stuck ? did you drop it in a hole or something ?

FormID: 030FDB3E xloversGGBondageSex CRBSInAHole 0  Well that's silly, go get it..I can't help you with out a sample of the Drug.

FormID: 030FDB3F xloversGGBondageSex CRBSStuck02 0 In your BuTT...! are your serious...How did it get there...Ha, Ha, Ha...I am not sure I want to know...{Giggle}

FormID: 030FDB3F xloversGGBondageSex CRBSStuck02 1 O My Gosh, I have got to write all this down..You have the Control Drug, up your BuTT..Why ?

FormID: 030FDB41 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSIwasNaked 0 Hee, Hee, Hee..! So, just Poop it out, for goodness sake's.. Please try to clean it up a little {Giggle}

FormID: 030FDB41 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSIwasNaked 1 Before you bring it to me..Hee, Ha, Ha, Ha...! This is making my day...O gosh I think I'm gonna die..,,,

FormID: 030FDB41 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSIwasNaked 2 Laughing so hard, I may throw up...Ha, Ha, ha...!Hee, Hee..! {Giggle}

FormID: 030FDB43 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSItriedPooping 0 Hee, Hee, hee...O gosh..! stuck fast...LOL, I can't help it..Oh God, My side is hurting...!

FormID: 030FDB45 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSPleaseHelp 0 I can't help it...OKay, Hee, Hee..! Okay..LOL...Yes I guess I can Hee, Hee, Hee..!

FormID: 030FDB45 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSPleaseHelp 1 I can, maybe dig it out...May be a little painful..Hee, Hee..Course I never stuck a Potion bottle up my Butt..LOL

FormID: 030FDB45 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSPleaseHelp 2 So, I really..{Giggle} don't know...Ha, ha, Ho, Ho..Hee, hee..! Gosh I think I'm gonna die..Laughing so hard...

FormID: 030FDB45 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSPleaseHelp 3 Okay us do this while I am still tickled, and maybe the smell won't..{Giggle}be so bad...Oh..I am hurting from this..!

FormID: 030FDB45 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSPleaseHelp 4 Have you got you Ass ready ,,Tee, Hee..!

FormID: 030FDB47 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSAssReady 0 Okay here we go to uncharted territories..Hee, Hee, I am sOo CoRnY..{Giggle}

FormID: 030FDB47 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSAssReady 1 O My gosh, and i'm about to Play with your CoRn HoLe..LOL..its tOo Much..!

FormID: 030FDB47 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSAssReady 2 Hee, Hee..! If I am going to have to smell your Butt, you may as well smell mine..{Giggle}..Here we go..!

FormID: 030FDB48 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Have you managed to aquire some of that Pimp drug yet ??

FormID: 030FDB49 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 I'm still working one the formula, finding some interesting stuff in it, but it does not look good..Come back latter. Bye, Bye..!

FormID: 030FE260 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 I am glad you came by I have the Control Drug Information you wanted.. This is a standard magic enforcer.

FormID: 030FE260 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 1 But, Regina's Father has added some thing's with only one porpose. And it is not good.

FormID: 030FE260 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 2 These extra engredients, will mantain for him control of all who take his drug, but thats not all.

FormID: 030FE260 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 3 Once a person begins taking this drug, there mind is altered, Doministic tendancies increase, like 10 fold..

FormID: 030FE260 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 4 There is no return, these changes, to the mind, will continue to grow, even if the Drug is removed.

FormID: 030FE263 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 0 Bad, it's terrible..! Most people over time will eventually become so parranoid, they will kill them selve's.

FormID: 030FE263 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 1 A few will have a resistance, of sort's allowing them to reach a state of equilibrium.

FormID: 030FE263 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 2 But they will still be very Sadistic, and have an omnipotent nature, feeling of superiority.

FormID: 030FE265 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 0  Humm, the Siren's May be able to help. They have empathic abilities, and knowledge of old magic.

FormID: 030FE265 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 1 You might talk with the Queen, about this. I know you want to help Regina, but...

FormID: 030FE265 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 2 Her dad, and the rest of her Guild, may be beyond help..

FormID: 030FE265 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 3 Let me know what you find out..Be careful.

FormID: 030FE266 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 SIREN_QUEEN

FormID: 030FE267 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Booty sent me word about your Pimp trouble..I know some about the {{id} Subconscious}, but the creature, is coy.

FormID: 030FE267 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 1 Mother knows a lot more than I do, You really should talk with her..I am sorry I can not help you.

FormID: 030FE268 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 I hope mother can help you, it sounds like a big problem is brewing..with the Pimp's

FormID: 030FE269 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Okay Sugar Butt, or is that Bottle BuTT,,Hee, Hee..! Come back latter and I will tell you what I find out..

FormID: 030FE26A xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 Let me know what you find out about the emotional problems with that Drug..Be safe my little Bottle Butt..Tee, Hee..!

FormID: 030FF097 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 SIREN_MOTHER

FormID: 030FF098 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0  Why hello Dear, you are looking well.. Oh..! I think your child is very happy to see you..

FormID: 030FF099 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 0 BOOTY

FormID: 030FF09A xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 0 SIREN_MOTHER

FormID: 030FF09B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 0 Oh My..! What a terrible thing, Humm.! Finding a cure for what the {id} does is not going to be easy.

FormID: 030FF09B xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrug01 1 There are some thing's we can try, but I fear a personal confrontation with the {id} is probably the only alternative.

FormID: 030FF09D xloversGGBondageSex CRBSMeetId 0 Yes, well, The {id} is actually more than just a term, It is an old Deity, Daedra, but of and older nature.

FormID: 030FF09D xloversGGBondageSex CRBSMeetId 1 It has all but been forgotten, in the modern age's, but we Siren's remember its effect well..

FormID: 030FF09D xloversGGBondageSex CRBSMeetId 2  As you may know we have and empathic nature, feeling what others feel is our strength.

FormID: 030FF09D xloversGGBondageSex CRBSMeetId 3 But it also, has side effects that we must be trained in our youth, to understand.

FormID: 030FF09E xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 0 BOOTY

FormID: 030FF09F xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 0 SIREN_MOTHER

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 0 Not bad child, but disturbing if you don't understand what is trying to control you..

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 1 The {id} seeks Empathic people out, They are it's best food source. like a parasite.

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 2 This new drug, did more than bring Magic power, it enlightened the user's Brain functions.

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 3 They became empathic, and did not realize, as they escorted the Courtesan's to the client's.

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 4 They were absorbing, the client's animal nature, during sex..these are very strong impulse's.

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 5 Unlike the client, who released them during sex and returned to normal, they retained these impulse's.

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 6 It is like water gathering at the bottom of a hill, if it continues to rain..the puddle get's larger, and larger..soon it is a pond.

FormID: 030FF0A0 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad01 7 Then a lake...they were overwhelmed. There nature forever corrupted by the feelings of others.

FormID: 030FF0A1 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 0 BOOTY

FormID: 030FF0A2 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 0 SIREN_MOTHER

FormID: 030FF0A3 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 0 I can prepare a way, that you may be able to enter the realm of the {id}

FormID: 030FF0A3 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 1 There you will have to confront, and defeat it, I will need a few days to prepare.

FormID: 030FF0A3 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 2  And I may need some item's.. But I must study the ritual's first. I have not been part to this in over 900 year's.

FormID: 030FF0A3 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 3 And my mind I know, is not what it use to be.. So if you will come back in a few day's..

FormID: 030FF0A3 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSDrugBad02 4 By then I will have studied the old text, and hopefully remember all that we need.

FormID: 030FF0A5 xloversGGBondageSex CRBSThankYou 0 I will see you in a few day's...and you are most welcome..Bye, until then.

FormID: 030FF0A6 xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 I am sorry my dear but it will take me some time to prepare..come back in a day or 2..Bye, Bye

FormID: 030FF7BD xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 0 I have studied the Ritual's concerning what we are about to do..

FormID: 030FF7BD xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 1 I believe I will be able to preform this ritual by my self, But I wish My Daughter could have helped.

FormID: 030FF7BD xloversGGBondageSex GREETING 2 Are you Ready ?

FormID: 030FF7BF xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReadyId 0  It is different place I send you to, a part of Oblivion unlike, but similar to what you may have seen.

FormID: 030FF7BF xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReadyId 1 when you are ready touch the Portal in the center of the circle..You biggest problem, may not be what you expect.

FormID: 030FF7BF xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReadyId 2 So Be prepared, yet consider your option's..deals with demon's do not often turn out well..

FormID: 030FF7BF xloversGGBondageSex CRBSReadyId 3 I wish I had more advice...Be Cautious Child..


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