WhiteHouse.gov "We the People"

Let's use WhiteHouse.gov petition site as one of the tools to show the world "We the people" are against TPP.
We are goint to create the third petition on WhiteHouse.gov "We the People" on 25 April before Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda visits the US and meets President Obama.
We hope people in related countries would join this petition and say NO to this new trade pact which has been secretly negotiated by diplomats representing the profits of huge multi national corporations, not of the people, which wold destroy the democracy.


We petition the Obama administration to:
STOP 1%-led TPP negotiations and defend the rights of his own people, NOT bankers and corporate America


TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a secretive, super free trade pact covering 24 fields including medicine, insurance, finance, investment, labor and government procurement, allowing corporations to exploit ordinary people. This is economic colonization by corporations. This trade pact puts the interests of corporations above that of the citizens of signatory nations. It enables corporations to sue governments if their profits are threatened by government action to protect citizens.
If TPPA is introduced, jobs will be lost, the price of medicine and insurance fees will go up, wages will get lower, working conditions will erode, the environment will be degraded, and the gap between the rich and the poor will widen for all member nations!
Stop TPPA of 1%, by 1%, for 1%!

What is TPP?

You can learn about TPP at the following sites:
Public Citizn : http://www.citizen.org/TPPA
TPP Watch: http://tppwatch.org/what-is-tppa/
Anonymous: http://anonyops.org/
AFL-CIO: http://www.aflcio.org/Blog/Economy/Take-a-Real-Loo...


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