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References to games of the old are also present, but they refer to the era less clearly remembered by gamers: 2D games of Sega Saturn and PS One.. It melts my ears (in positive way) everytime I hear it Also you just can't skip those extras in this sountrack, all these beta soundtracks and thank-you music Woofie has made.. freedom planet official soundtrack freedom planet soundtrack free downloadIf you ever played Freedom Planet then you MUST have heard this music.. My ears are in heaven when I listen to a piece of this soundtrack I have this soundtrack on my phone and I listen to it almost every time.. Surprising game and one-of-the-kind soundtrack in the mix So many fantastic tracks with this purchase.. Over 70 tracks and 3 hours of epic non-chiptune bliss await you!** Winner of Indie Game Mag's 2014 Game of the Year Award for Best Soundtrack! **Track List01 - Freedom Planet Theme02 - Main Menu03 - To The Rescue! (Heroic Theme)04 - Dragon Valley 105 - Dragon Valley 206 - MEANIE Boss! (Minor Boss Battle)07 - Here Comes Trouble!08 - Lilac's Treehouse09 - Chase Scene10 - Relic Maze 111 - Relic Maze 212 - Major Boss Battle13 - Shang Tu Royal Palace14 - Freedom Planet TV!15 - Meet The Team16 - Fortune Night 117 - Fortune Night 218 - Target World (Shang Mu Academy)19 - Zao Majestico! (Shang Mu City Hall)20 - Brev In Yo Hizzle (Lord Brevon 1)21 - Sky Battalion22 - Prince Dail Boss Battle23 - Millaqua (Royal Palace Jail)24 - Aqua Tunnel 125 - Aqua Tunnel 226 - Bossoft (Aquatic Boss Battle)27 - Up The Creek (Jade Creek 1)28 - Up The Sub (Jade Creek 2)29 - Trap Hideout 130 - Trap Hideout 231 - Thermal Base 132 - Thermal Base 233 - It's Brevon Time (Lord Brevon 2)34 - Pangu Lagoon 1 (English)35 - Pangu Lagoon 1 (Japanese)36 - Pangu Lagoon 237 - Neo Chase (Tragic Boss Battle)38 - Snowfields39 - Schmup Stage40 - Battle Glacier 141 - Battle Glacier 242 - Final Dreadnought 143 - Final Dreadnought 244 - Final Dreadnought 345 - Final Dreadnought 446 - Final Boss 147 - Final Boss 248 - Game Over49 - Epilogue50 - Results Screen51 - Time Attack52 - Relic Maze (Extended Mix)53 - Fortune Night (Piano Arrangement)54 - Liquid Emotion (Pangu Lagoon Remix)55 - Epilogue (Extended Mix)56 - Freedom Planet Theme (Orchestral Remix)57 - Zao's Airship58 - Point Cedar (Rage Ravine Unused Stage)59 - Disaster Strikes60 - Beta Aqua Tunnel 1 (Bonus Theme)61 - Beta Aqua Tunnel 2 (Mahjong Theme)62 - Beta Battle Glacier63 - Beta Dragon Valley 164 - Beta Dragon Valley 265 - Beta Final Boss 166 - Beta Minor Boss Battle67 - Beta Schmup Stage68 - Beta Sky Battalion69 - Beta Speed Powerup70 - Beta Speed Powerup (Orchestral Mix)71 - Beta Title72 - I Am Invincible! (Invincibility Theme) 6d5b4406eaTitle: Freedom Planet - Official SoundtrackGenre: Action, IndieDeveloper:GalaxyTrailRelease Date: 21 Jul, 2014English freedom planet soundtrack download.. Melodies aren't as catchy as in other retro-inspired games You won't be caught by the heath from the first few seconds of the first songs, but the unique, soft and delicate tunes will definitely win you over in span of the full adventure.. Good game though 72 songs, all of which are absolutely amazing!At full price, you're getting it for less than 10 cents a song.. There are several points of interest you can bring up describing it For one, game's China-esque esthetic is definitely hearable in the soundtrack, but it mixes it with "modern" 90s electronic and rock twists.. A lot of them are reminiscent of not only the classic Sonic games but also retro games in general.. ly/2zgN9lfMirror ->>> http://bit ly/2zgN9lfAbout This ContentGet pumped with the official soundtrack of GalaxyTrail's Freedom Planet! Conceptualized by Strife and digitally mixed and mastered by Woofle, this collection features every song in the game at 320kbps CD quality.. Seriously if you bought FP then you just MUST buy the soundtrack! 320 KBPS rate goodnessone issue that they only have the beta invincibility theme innot the current onewhich kinda disappointsfor 2$ you'ed do a nice gesture to the creator.. Freedom Planet - Official Soundtrack Directx 9 DownloadDownload ->>> http://bit.. I highly recommenced it! ^_^ How do I download this? I bought the DLC and the base game.. This is a truly unique OST Freedom Planet doesn't go the same, easy way for simple chiptunes that are industry standard.. Definitely worth $7 FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOM PLAAAAAAAAAANEEEEET\/10 I love this soundtrack c:.. Remember Sonic Adventure's tunes? MegaMan X4? NiGHTs into Dreams? Gunstar Heroes? While FP's OST isn't a clear mix of those examples, it gives you a clear image to what to expect.. A large number of bonus tracks have been included with the help of VGMusic's BlueWarrior and Lilac's voice actress Dawn Michelle Bennett.. Again, the ride is worth the asking price Bought this OST within the heartbeat and I don't regret any cent on it.. From the hands of Woofle, music provided for game's levels are something that you won't notice in other games. ae05505a44 c若若潟劫綏援坂絖若c潟若,Band in a Box2020激≪









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