The Godfather ∫Max Go

2hour 55minute
genre: Crime
creator: Francis Ford Coppola
directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
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The godfather free movie download. See movie the godfather free now. Watch the movie godfather free online. Probably the best Motion Picture of all else can I say. I have read the novel and that was really great too, Francis Ford Coppola was really good in editing from the book to the screen. The Acting and the Screenplay was amazing which are probably the most important thing in movies. Nino Rota's Musical score was awesome it fitted in so well with each scene and brought it the right feeling to it. The story moved from one emotion to another in such a perfect way, you will find Suspense and Passion Power and Hatred in a way that will change the way you watch Godfather Part II was as good as this one. There is no other Motion Picture that takes you in an unforgettable story of Crime, Love, Hate and Power like The Godfather.
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The godfather part 1 full movie free. The godfather free movie youtube. The godfather free movies. Some liken the film to some kind of spiritual awakening. Of course, some can go to a church or mosque to find enlightenment and Faith in humanity, but most places of worship are open only certain days or times. But when you need affirmation of the lasting bond of friendships that prevail over the most dire circumstances, Shawshank will give it to you. It makes grown men (like me) cry, still. I wonder whether Shawshank was truly meant for viewing in the privacy of the home, because it is a personal experience that really makes you look inward. Nominated for seven, this is the best film that never one a single Oscar.
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