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Liked It: 217590 Votes; countries: USA; &ref(https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMDljNTQ5ODItZmQwMy00M2ExLTljOTQtZTVjNGE2NTg0NGIxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODkzNTgxMDg@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg); 2019; runtime: 142Minutes; Average Rating: 7,3 of 10 Stars. Love this. RIP Stan lee hope for you to live. So anakin's sacrifice was pretty much useless. Rise of Skywalker? Anakin is coming back. If Disney had not bought it, it would still be good, and second, the saga would never end. starwars4ever. What If the emperor is alive living in the wreckage of the deathstar? Influencing all evil in the galaxy.

Thanos: “I dont even know who you are.”

I was like still waiting for something and puff trailer ended and I didn't get it. I have a bad feeling about this. I cant wait for them to bring jar jar hahahahah luv him.

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Rey obviously is Palpatine's fathers brothers nephews cousins former roommate.

It's been said in some of the press reviews that the film is stuffed, overloaded and clunky and that it lacks the punch it needs to finish the saga. IMO this is partly true - the film is jam packed with "things" happening. This is probably because it needs to set up a story that really should have been established in Episode VIII but wasn't. I enjoyed The Last Jedi but this film really does lay bare how little that film progressed the story and how it lacked the scale needed for this stage of the overall saga. However, Episode IX is definitely not clunky. It breezes along quite smoothly I think; and it certainly delivers an emotional, impactful and thrilling finish to the saga. It is definitely a fan's film and in time I think may be seen as the best in this sequel trilogy. SPOILERS FOLLOW SO DON'T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE YET. br>.
The beginning of the film kind of took me by surprise. It's very heavy exposition-wise as it sets up the story for this film. The opening scroll didn't sit well with me - I thought JJ Abrams hit the nail on the head with this in The Force Awakens and Rian Johnson also in The Last Jedi. But in this episode the film-makers are establishing a story that is quite a left turn from where we finished previously. The audience is straight into the action and straight into what is the essence of this episode - the return of Palpatine. That there was no subtle hinting and then great reveal kind of surprised me. But then, it highlights that this is the kind of thing that should've been set up in the previous film. There will be inevitable controversy over Rey's origins. A Palpatine she is - his grand-daughter in fact - thus explaining her Force abilities and the reason her parents left her. I thought this was well executed - it dwelt on it only where it was in service to the story and it created a great tension in the character that reflected the wider theme of light versus dark. Adam Driver was on the ball - as always - and the much vaunted 'Bendemption' was worth the wait. His death and joining with the Force - pulling the well known vanishing trick - showed how strong the character was in the light as well as the dark; and I do wish we could have seen more of Ben Solo towards the end of the whole trilogy. But then his arc was finished at the end of the film so the end for this character made sense. The filmmaker's dealt with Carrie Fisher's passing admirably. The scenes with her didn't look out of place at all and she retained a central part of the story until the character's death at about the three quarter mark. Chewie's howl grief suitably demonstrated his pain this time too - a criticism that the filmmakers were stung with after Han Solo's death at the end of The Force Awakens. It was equally touching that Chewie finally received a medal for his services in destroying the original Death Star at the end of this film, something that has rankled Star Wars fans for years. Action-wise the film is jam packed - it never really stops but as the story moves along breezily, you never really notice. The scope and scale of the action is vast, and we've not really seen world building like this since the prequels and perhaps Rogue One. The film introduces not only new worldscapes but some great new characters too. There was no where near enough of Zorri Bliss, which is a real shame as the character's dynamic with Poe was something that would've played well across a number of films and stories. I must confess I am a fan of Babu Frik - there's some good belly laughs there if you catch them in the subtle interactions and dialogue. Of the new characters, I'm not quite sure what the point of D-O, the new droid, was. The character doesn't actually serve any purpose that couldn't have been fulfilled using existing characters and the cynic in me tends to think it's there as a potential merchandising point. I'm quite certain JJ Abrams himself voiced the droid too - I'll stand corrected if we already know it's someone else. Cameos from Mark Hamill as a Force ghost and Harrison Ford as a memory of Ben Solo (really touchingly done too) were welcome. I was expecting Lando to be a cameo role too but was really pleased that they made a proper use of the character and the actor. He's central to the second half of the film and isn't pushed on stage and then cast aside in some cheap fan service. A few other things - the Sith "temple" was interesting, as was the idea of the Sith acolytes chanting the Sanscrit-esque lyrics that were introduced in Episode I. While it helped fill out and broaden the Sith story it really was something that felt a little crammed in and needed to have been introduced earlier in the series to hold any real weight in the overall story-telling. Ian McDiarmind, though, was fabulously evil and the ending lifted the Emperor to a new level entirely as a character. As I've said before, it was a plot line that really should have come in at the end of act II in this trilogy, the end of The Last Jedi. Visually the film is what you'd expect from someone of the calibre of JJ Abrams and his team. Cinematographically it was different to Episode 8 (which was visually a masterpiece of cinematography IMO) but that's down to the fast paced nature of the story. The special and visual effects wise were as flawless as one would expect but what really rounds off the film - and the saga - is the outstanding work of John Williams. Echoes of music from the whole saga are sprinkled throughout in a soundtrack that is a fitting end to 42 years worth of work on these films. The music helps round off a film that itself rounds off the saga wonderfully. My only thought - less than 24 hours after seeing it - is that The Rise of Skywalker really does exposes how bare The Last Jedi really was in terms of progressing the story or adding l much to it (and I reiterate - I am a fan of Episode VIII. In terms of story telling it would have made more sense to untroduce some of this material and these ideas in Episode VIII, which would have made for a more cohesive trilogy overall and allowed this film to breath a bit more. As it is Episode IX has a lot of lifting to do - which it manages surprisingly well. It would be sad to see it derided simply for being what it is - part of the sequel trilogy - and there is some intimation of that already online. Because overall, The Rise of Skywalker is an enjoyable, exciting film with an emotional punch, reinforced by its own heritage. It fulfills its aim of delivering answers, action and thrills while managing to bring a definite close to that heritage.
Thanos: I am, inevitable. Iron Man: Ima end this man's whole career. Okay so the plot of this movie is absolutley fantastic the story moves fast and theres plenty of action i had a gripe it would be lenth the movies way too long and there are slow parts so i suggest getting snacks but however this is quite a movie and i dont recommend taking kids due to the violence and again leinth but i say see it. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Online couchtuner. Star~Wars: Episode~IX~ The~Rise~of~Skywalker~Watch~Full. Star Wars has become a household name ever since the first film premiered in theaters in 1977. Everyone knows Star Wars. Everyone! I mean, think about it, this is a series, a franchise, a dynasty ? if you will ? that has millions of fans throughout the globe ? aherm ? I mean, the Galaxies! George Lucas and crew came up with what’s probably one of, if not the most, complex fictional narrative universes the world has ever known! Feel however you may feel about the prequels and everything that came after the original 3, they’re still a part of the Star Wars Universe and they’re still important canon in this world. You can ask any random person on the street to name someone or something or an event that exists or takes place in the Star Wars Universe and they’ll likely throw something out like, “Luke Skywalker, ” “Han Solo, ” “Princess Leia, ” Chewbacca, ” “The Death Star, ” “X-Wing, ” “Tie Fighter, ” “Light Sabers, ” and now most commonly today “Baby Yoda. ” The point is, you don’t need to be a die hard fan to know of or a hint of Star Wars lore and canon. So, imagine the stress and immense pressure someone like J. J. Abrams was likely under when they, the Hollywood, Disney and Lucasfilm big wigs approached him and asked him to direct not only the first of three films in the saga-concluding epic franchise, but two of them! Remember! This is no easy task to undertake! We’re all too familiar with a terribly disappointing, expectation failing sequel that the moment we hear news of a sequel to a beloved, cultural icon like Star Wars we brace ourselves for the absolute worst possible result and we tend to go into said sequel with skepticism, doubt and really low expectations. Almost like an abused dog that cowers the moment you pick up a ball to play fetch. Sorry, but I hope I made my point. Listen, ever since The Force Awakens premiered in 2015, the Star Wars Fandom has been divided for many reasons, any reason ? whatever reason, and when The Last Jedi premiered, that divide grew even more so. Love them or hate them, Star Wars is a series for all generations, past, present and future. Regardless of what you think or how you feel. It will always be. Director J. Abrams had the weight and pressure of an entire Fanbase’s expectations on his shoulders, I have no doubt he wanted to do as best as he could by them for this final chapter in such an epic saga. I whole heartedly believe he did the series right! But Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was downright amazing! It was out-of-this-world good! Abrams knocked it out of the park, way past the Outer Rim, in my honest opinion. Sure, it can be a choppy, somewhat jarring ride at times, feeling rushed at times; it’s certainly not perfect, but it was major, major, tons of fun! It was thrilling! It was emotional! It was fantastic! Above all else, it was STAR WARS! There were grown men and women sitting next to me, ahead of me and behind me that were wiping away tears, laughing, cheering and clapping and damn near jumping out of their seats! Hell, I found myself crying and cheering, too! More often than not! I particularly liked how the film paid a heartfelt homage and tribute to Carie Fisher, rest in peace, and concluded the character that generations have come to know and love as Princess Leia. It was such a good movie! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is an adventure packed, nostalgic, thrilling, action packed and visually stunning 2 and half hour Millennium Falcon-thrill ride. It does a great job of throwing us as the audience back into the action, the lore and universe of Siths, Jedis, Light Sabers, Tie Fighters and X-Wings. It’ll make you tear up or full on shed tears! It’ll make adults cheer with joy and it’ll make the kids “Oooo” and “Aaaahhh” with glee and amazement. With epic settings, heroic and villainous characters alike, there are heart breaking moments and heart racing action scenes, comedic moments and characters, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has something for everyone and satisfies the vast majority of fans! A tremendously fun and epic flick for the whole family just in time for the holidays! Old Fans and New Fans will thoroughly enjoy experiencing and witnessing the Skywalker saga’s conclusion this weekend in theaters. May the Force Be With You! Title Movie Info SCORE DIRECTOR: J. Abrams STUDIO: Disney GENRE: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure MPAA: PG-13 RELEASE DATE: December 20, 2020 AUTHOR: Javier Aguirre.
No one's ever gone. Jar jar: Meesa back. Quiet kid being silent Teacher: what are you doing? Quiet kid: taking one last look, at my friends 1:19. So GOOD i watched all the movies in the span of a week and a couple days with em while my cousins visited, And i just saw Rise of Skywalker last night and man it was AMAZING??? Now to go to Galaxy's Edge... ?. I wasn't sure to see it, but I like it. Am i the only one who really enjoys the prequel movies.
Harrison Ford narrating the TESB trailer. Snoke is Palpatine Palpatine is Snoke Finkle is Einhorn. The Wasp kinda looks like the mom from eh bee family not gonna lie.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
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