Dec 15, 2020 Then you can use this to search for your media in Kyno. Even more importantly, sending the files to your editing software from Kyno will include all.... We're planning on making subclips "first class citizens" in the search results but I can't say when that'll be implemented. The subclips titles and descriptions are.... 15 products Looking for help with a KYNO product? Have you lost your user manual? Download the KYNO manual in which you will find instructions on how to.... Apr 29, 2016 When searching for footage, you can filter via metadata such as frame rate or date. If you tagged or labelled your shots, you can search for them.... Sep 13, 2016 Earlier this year, I wrote about KYNO, new software that looks to fill the void ... In case you missed that first article about the workflow tool, here's a quick ... Easy access to your media: Super-fast searching, filtering and media.... Powerful simplicity for online and offline media with KYNO's P5 integration ... cross- platform on macOS & Windows and integrates with the tools you already use, like ... can be used to build an individual metadata schema for specific searches.. Searching & filtering Print. Modified on: Sun, 17 Apr, 2016 at 2:52 AM. Find out how to quickly find what you're looking for on drives or sd cards.. Jan 15, 2021 Recently made a ton of transcodes in Kyno - original footage was ... We also use them to provide you more relevant information in searches,.... Sep 7, 2016 Easy access to your media: Super-fast searching, filtering and media asset management gives instant access to videos directly from your.... Sep 17, 2020 Kyno usually analyzes files as it finds them, which is good because it ... After that browsing and searching is superfast, no mater what you use... dac4d9ada6










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