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shanky technologies holdem bot review


After one year you must purchase a license extension to continue using the software most likely we currently have some kind of discount offer for license extensions.. There is currently no limit to this as everyone else wants profiles - we just want to run this promo to the point where we decide to turn it off.. Go to the link below for Shanky Bot and a Youtube Video No as Shanky Bot is an original and independent software package created from scratch with a proprietary facility offering excellent game profiles to choose from and the ability of each to optimize those profiles with one simple command structure that any poker player can use.. If you are smart you will receive rakeback to your poker account even with a break even at Poker Bot you can generate thousands of dollars a year alone Rakeback.. The Pokerbot is also a great tool for playing the first three hours of a multitable tournament so you can enter the game in a lazy he can phase while you still healthy. ae05505a44 crucc 24≧潟若crackidm,泣若gsharegratuit









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