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Alternate title: Harley's Angels.

Video :the funniest moments from birds of prey First scene. Can somebody tell me what is the title of the song that starts at 1:28 its because it sound lit????. Shrek The Third. 1:54 I love a good drop kick. I was excited for this movie ever since it was announced, and it lived up to my expectations, the movie was great, Margot knocked it out of the park with a sensational performance, she proved again why she is one of the best! Ewan was a good villain, Black Canary and Huntress were cool, Cassandra did well. The movie is funny and has some of the best action sequences you'll see, really enjoyable, I need more Harley Quinn, highly recommended.
No crossing over to marvel Ryan Reynold: laughs in deadpool. The movie might have done poorly in theaters, but this fight scene was awesome. 2:58 not gonna lie, I laughed my arse off. Joker movie comes out Harley Quinn movie comes out right after that movie. That's Why Aurra Sing Gets Pushed Off By Beckett, Cause She Failed Darth Maul & Crimson Dawn. They kinda lost me with Her Food Diet. I <3 this show. Loved?Birds of Prey.? This was such a funny movie and enjoyed the comic book style descriptions of each person who had a score to settle with her and?Harley's narration.? I also enjoyed Harley's attempts to mention?Batman but was cut off after the closing credits.

Her and Will Smith made this movie good for me

Cathy Yan is amazing She should've done Charlie's Angels. I dont blame Harley when joker broke up with Harley. Harley: Did you know that Batman- Me: is now played by Edward Cullen? Yes, yes I did. I dont really like the new Harley I like the first Kennan suicide squad her voice got messed up I liked the other one and I also dont like the way they changed the clothing I liked the original outfit throughout the years. I can't believe the animators from Teen Titans Go made this intro.

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