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Runtime: 116minute
USA Ande Parks resume: Extraction is a movie starring Chris Hemsworth, Bryon Lerum, and Ryder Lerum. Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an
Directed by: Sam Hargrave
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Out of the fire and ice. Out of the fire movie chris hemsworth. Out of the fire type o negative. BOI THE VOICES IN THIS MOVIE ARE SOO DEEP THAT I NEEDED SUBTITLES.
Out of the fire blog. The best gunfight stunt ever, it looks so realistic and the fight scenes also well done u guys. Out of the fire charlie clouser. Out of the fire metrik.

Randeep Hooda. =Like Chris Hemsworth=comment

Out of the fire qartulad. Out of the fire digital daggers. Why is there a yellow tint. Randeep was amazing, he should be the next jason bourne. The movie is based on the location of Bangladesh. A rising economy of the current world. Highest conteibutor in UN peace mission with our brave army. But it is an irony that the movie didn't represent the 1% of the actual scenerio of Dhaka. Even the language is borrowed from West Bengal, all over the places, hindhi songs were playing, how could be? Kid gangs are displayed, Army, elit force, Rab and police are under control of a drug dealer! How pathetic is that. It's seemes like that Bangladesh is a country who are undergoing through massive war and everywhere there is slum areas.
I will not have any problem if it would be a video game with unknown place and unknown language. But they should visit Dhaka before making this childish movie I have ever seen. I am damn sure Netflix gonna block in our country very soon.
And absolutely we all need to stop this negative thing at this time,stop KILLING our own,we should stop full stop. Out of the fire weather. Out of the fire eq2. Out of the fire lunch menu.

Out of the fire protection. Out of the fire care. I donno why hollywood applies the heat filter while representing countries like. India, Bangladesh, iraq, etc ???. Out of the fire modern warfare. Bro, I cry so much on the end of the movie. Out of the fire restaurant. Out of the fire into the frying pan. Out of the fire cafe donegal pa. All the bars are closed luckily my friends can all just come over and we can party that way... The only movie review I'll watch with interest, without any clips of the scenes in it.

Every automobile enthusiast : THATS NOT A FREAKING LANCER ?????????

Moral of the story: The world will always take side of India even if it means saving a mafia or his family. Out of the fire i'm a survivor. The accent of Bangali language between India and Bangladesh are different so i think the accent did not match. Out of the fire donegal. It didnt bother me, its a movie, its fiction. oh if I had a nickel for every time Ive had to say this... Out of the fire donegal pa menu. Out of the fire lord invader. Out of the fire easton. Out of the fire movie. Hit like, if you came for Randeep Hooda. but sad they didn't include his part.

I love how the shot was simultaneously taken without cutting them. It looked so real. Can't say enough of it. Out of the fire mushroom soup recipe. GDay Chris, Only an Aussie would I say your acting and this show is tally excrement mate. This movie is like a videogame. Good cinematography. Good fight scenes u looking for a action movie definitely go for it. Worth watching it. But it slightly looks like a John wick. I rated it 9 only for Chris. Without Chris it deserves only 5. Out of the fire achievement. We Want Avengers More Movies. Out of the first.