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cast - Stephen Curry review - Jump Shot uncovers the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors, the proclaimed developer of the modern day jump shot in basketball. He defined the game, but only now is he ready to share his thoughts on why the game never defined him genre - Documentary Thaddeus D. Matula (damn, I commented too early! lol, you ARE doing the intermittent fast, wait, I think I saw your documentary. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 2.

Jump shot the kenny sailors story

Critics Consensus No consensus yet. 100% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 6 Coming soon Release date: Audience Score Ratings: Not yet available Jump Shot Ratings & Reviews Explanation Movie Info "Jumpshot" uncovers the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors, the proclaimed developer of the modern day jump shot in basketball, and how the zenith of our lives doesn't end in our athletic prime. Introducing this never before seen "leaping one-hander" to the masses on a national level Kenny quickly grew to be a fan favorite while leading his Wyoming Cowboys to the Collegiate National Championship in Madison Square Garden in the 1943. But after playing on several losing teams in an unstable, emerging league now known as the NBA, Kenny disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness only to be forgotten by the sport he helped pioneer. Now, nearly sixty years later, the multitude of people he has touched along the way have forced Kenny's humble reemergence. This film will follow Kenny's supporters' ongoing efforts to not only get him in recognized in the Naismith Hall of Fame, but also, to uncover the man behind the shot and why the sport he helped define never defined him. Featuring Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Jay Bilas, Clark Kellogg, Bob Knight, Lou Carneseca, Kiki Vandeweghe, Nancy Lieberman, Chip Engelland, Tim Legler, Fennis Dembo, David Goldberg and a host of other basketball and sport legends! Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: Runtime: 80 minutes Studio: Ralph Smyth Entertainment Cast Critic Reviews for Jump Shot Audience Reviews for Jump Shot Jump Shot Quotes Movie & TV guides.
Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 8. C A N A D I A N I N V E N T I O N. Great video. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story tiktok.

Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors storytelling

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story explained.
Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story w. BASKETBALL WAS MAD IN CANADA THO.

Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 3

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story data. Very inspiring. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story karaoke. Wow, what a great story. Better than watching cat video by far. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 7.

Kenny ur inspirational. Keep up the great work.

Where's a music cred? I really like the music

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story of b

It was invented by a canadian but it evolved in america. The canadian foot ball leauge is also much older than the americans dont like hearing and basketball all have strong canadian origins. Cant wait to see it! Good luck Ty. I don't mean to be a hater but, basketball is a Canadian sport. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story 4. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors story. Our first post got auto-removed, so here is another attempt! Hello fellow Redditors! Andrew Lee here, producer for the DMT: The Spirit Molecule documentary. Usually, I'm a lurker, but I saw that you guys had a lot to discuss about our documentary. The mods asked if we could do an AMA, so I dragged in my director and visionary for the film, Mitch Schultz. If you haven't seen the film yet, check it out here: Download from iTunes Buy a DVD from Amazon Stream on Hulu Stream on Netflix Proof: UPDATE: Thank you everyone for joining our discussion. We're going to end the AMA here. From the director, Mitch Schultz, "From the beginning, my goal has been to open a larger cultural dialogue around these misunderstood compounds and also our spiritual view of life. I hope that our fans, community, and the world will utilize the ideas from the documentary as launching point for a respectful discussion with their networks in order to make the world a better place. " For anyone who's interested, we have all of our raw interview footage on our YouTube account under Creative Commons. Feel free to make your own DMT doc! Join our community on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you're interested in other documentaries I am producing, check out these below! Each one with a different director. Star Nation - The world of competitive video gaming following a couple professional gamers through the rise of StarCraft II a few years back. Check out a teaser about the e-Sports world. A teaser about our characters. Dealt - The world's greatest card magician Richard Turner is blind. His life is bigger than magic, and I promise he has an amazing story to tell. Here's a teaser we released not long ago. Here's an interview that CBS This Morning did with Richard. Jump Shot - Did you know someone had to invent the basketball jump shot? Kenny Sailors invented the modern day jump shot and led his University of Wyoming Cowboys team to win the national championships in 1943. Here's a teaser my director made from our current footage.
Okay everybody saying it was Canadian, it was James Naismith who was from Canada who became American and invented the sport in Kansas.

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story lyrics. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors storyid. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story of seasons. Hey do you mind if I use some of your video for a project in my gym class? I'll cite you and give you credit.

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Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story
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