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Drama; user rating: 7 of 10 Star; Jung-woo Ha; writer: Byung-seo Kim, Hae-jun Lee; &ref(https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BYWFjODJjMDctMGIyOS00YWU1LThlZjEtYTRhYjgyY2ZkMDQyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTI4NjQ2NjU@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg); Countries: Indonesia. Free asphalt 9.
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14th December, 2024. Argentina. Argentine Government Responds to the Coropuna Eruption. South America, while metaphorically already in flames from the recent conflicts in Ecuador and Colombia, has now literally combusted with the eruption of the Coropuna volcano is Peru last month. The volcano’s eruption is one of the most powerful ever recorded, with its destructive effects amplified by the subsequent 8. 1 magnitude earthquake which struck nearby. The eruption obliterated the entire mountain and caked much of the surrounding area with toxic gases, 800 degree pyroclastic flows, and a smothering of heavy ashfall- all of which contributed to the deaths of up to 400 people in the surrounding areas. While the effects of the eruption were mostly limited to Peru and northern Bolivia and Chile, the ash and particulates from the eruption have been flung as far as western Argentina- which by necessity must prompt an official government response from Buenos Aires. This response will come in the form of a new set of survival guidelines to be distributed to affected regions, as well as the distribution of government surplus breathing filters, water and food rations, medical aid, and more, with the eventual goal of weathering the storm and assisting Argentina’s friends and allies to the northwest. GOVERNMENT AID TO WESTERN ARGENTINA. The heavy ashfall from the Coropuna eruption has made its way to western Argentina in recent months, travelling high in the atmosphere over the Andes before settling in the country, choking agriculture, infrastructure and commerce by polluting the air, water systems and landing on the surface. As a result of the ashfall and the choked infrastructure, the affected regions have had a difficult time getting relief from the relatively unaffected eastern part of the country. In an effort to force through aid from Buenos Aires, The Government has announced a “state of emergency” in several provinces, including Salta, Jujuy, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero and Catamarca, which will allow local police forces to keep the roads open and safe for emergency relief to get through to major population centers affected by the ash. Alongside this state of emergency declaration, the Argentine government will begin distributing food rations and water bottle cases to affected regions and the people within them, many of which have been suffering from a lack of clean water and no power as a result of polluted waterways and the ashes from the eruption. Breathing filters, similar to the ones used in industrial plants, will also be distributed to the people in the affected areas to help eliminate the risk of health issues and inhalation of ashes. Finally, the Argentine Government has announced new guidelines to be distributed online and via pamphlets to the entire nation to minimize the fallout from any new eruptions in the future and help the affected citizens currently experiencing the fallout from volcanic activity. These new guidelines will call for: Informing yourself of your local area’s volcano risk Informing yourself of local government policies and guidelines, as well as emergency service locations and exits in and out of your local area Make a plan with your family and friends in the event of an eruption Keep a minimum of two weeks food and water reserves, and preferably breathing and gas masks if possible as well as medicine and pet’s needs Keep firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets on hand if needed Stay indoors as much as possible to avoid fire, ash, smoke and other environmental hazards Avoid driving as much as possible unless evacuating from the area And much more. It is hoped that refreshing the guidelines for volcano eruptions will help prevent catastrophes in the future. AID TO PERU Alongside domestic aid, Argentina will assist our fellow South American nations, friends and allies in rebuilding their countries. The primary focus of this will be sending aid to Peru, who was hit hardest by the eruption despite best efforts made by the government of that nation. With their permission, Argentina will dispatch surplus food and water supplies, as well as up to 150 electrical crews, 250 reconstruction crews and 50 medical crews to help the areas most affected, free of charge. The crews will stay as long as they are needed by Peru and the Peruvian people.
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Worth watching. The plotline, special effect are perfect. This movie is box office in SK, Taiwan, china, hongkong. Another good movie from SK beside Parasite. Masyado n kcng makasalanan ang mga ang kalikasan nagbabanta na. Free asphalt texture. Ashfall free watch online. Free ashfall movie. This is from another universe where Oliver was bored playing vigilante, so he decided to turn his back and make money from doing some crimes. ?. Dear Artix Entertainment -Last Edited on 09/07/18 ? Today I would like to address you all with the topic of "Why are people quitting the game? ", "Why are Veteran players quitting" and "Why are New players not staying more then a week? ". I am sure that as MMO players, you guys will quickly realise and understand that this post wasn't written with hate, but passion and love for a game I'd give anything for it's success. You better go grab a drink and a snack if you intend to make it through this post since it, as of now, has around 7 000 words. Also I will note that every single part of this post is too important for a simple TL;DR. But if only certain part of this post interest you, there will be titles for every sections. **P. S: I am not english, so there might be a few Typos, nothing that could make the post unreadable, but it could harm the fluidity of an english reader. --Self Introduction; First of all, I'd like to introduce Myself for those who doesn't know me yet, my IGN is Makkura, I'm a Tech Demo player who's been following and playing this game since it's creation.. Which was 4 years ago, believe it or not. I accumulated 3, 000 hours of playtime on the past 2 years of the game being on steam and already had quite the number when the game was browser only. I am a Legendary Founder Backer(120$ US), and now Master of Moglin Backer (120$ US). I also own every Collections in the game and plan to, sooner then later, own every AQ3D Heromart Items. I do AP and Heromart codes Giveaway a couple times a year and invest a lot of money in this game. I started Streaming AQ3D ( Shameless plug, I know) not so long ago and am Enjoying it quite a bit, so you'll have to stick with me for a while cause I'm not planning on quitting this game, if I had wanted to do so, I would have long ago. Now that you see and realise that I am quite a dedicated and instructed player when it comes down to AQ3D, I don't want to hear any replies along the lines of "You don't know what you're talking about! ". Good? Let's begin. --Post Updates-- --27/08/18-- Went over and corrected some mistakes and changed the way certain sentences were formulated to avoid confusion. Additions of "Monsters" and "Dungeons" topics. --09/07/18-- Major changes to "Xp curve/Leveling up" and "Jobs" topics. Changes to "Monster", "World Development", "Economy", "Daily bosses" and "Farming/Crafting" topics. Addition of "Item type", "Player and items stats" and "Faction Wars" topics. --Character Creation-- AE's games are well known for the "You can be whatever you want to be! " it after all is one of their biggest catchphrase. And there ain't too much I could say against it, they do a pretty good job at it. But of course this topic wouldn't be here if I didn't have anything to say about it. --Firstly, having a basic knowledge of how the game engine works when it comes to Scaling an item's size and proportion, I still don't know why we cannot change the size of our Hero, you don't even need to make it a slider or anything fancy, just a "Small, Normal, Tall" would do the job. We'd get cute little girls and Towering tanks just from this alone. I feel like this would add a lot to the immersion. --Secondly, we all know that the Character Models are completely broken, from the male's eyes being holes to the inhuman figure of the Female, there are plenty of things to be fixed and although they did confirm these things would be touched upon later on, they deemed them "Not a priority" What could possibly be more important than the first thing every new players will see after creating their account? If the models look good, the players will have a better impression of the game walking in. --Thirdly, Races-ish. I fully understand how if you want to keep the "You can be whatever you want", you cannot force a fixed race to a Hero, however we should be able to identify to a certain race. How? Skins. Like we have different skin colors, there should be a Vampire skin that gives you a pale skin tone and vampire teeth, a orc skin that makes your skin a dark green, add some tattoos on your bodyand a menacing facial expression. There are limitless possibilities of Skins they could add to give more freedom to the player. --Fourthly, "Accessory" equippable space. Right now, horns, masks and more are identified as "Helms" while they could be made a section of their own, allowing you to have a hood and a mask (or a hood and horns), instead of releasing them both as different helms like they did in the Death's challenge crafting shop. This feature alone would be game changing when it comes to aesthetics and having a look of your own. (The shop in barber shop literally is called "Accessory shop"). --World Development-- This is a big one, if you thought the section above was long.. Oh boy, you're not ready for this one, go refill your drink. To me, the most important thing when it comes to world immersion is the way the world is crafted, to make me feel like I'm walking in a fully fleshed out world that has a story to offer, sadly it's not the case with AQ3D. From the Traveling system or size of every zones, it's not doing it for me, especially for every pre Ashfall areas. Yes I get it, they're all being reworked! But the "Traveler's bend+Green Ravine" release showed me they didn't know how to rework their game. So let's start with that. --Traveling the World. Right now, you cannot walk around the world, or should I say, you cannot enjoy going around the world. The game is a straight line, up to Ashfall, the game is a single straight line with no deviation whatsoever, how do you expend that? How to do you give the "Open world" feeling to your game when it's a straight line? You should be able to go right or left, if you felt like it. Sure the main quest would ask you to go elsewhere, but does every map needs to play a role in the main quest..? No. I was hoping the addition of the Traveler's Bend and Green Ravine would fix that, but no, they kept the game in a straight line by releasing the most straightforward map of all time.. Wow, the irony. Speaking of the Traveler's bend, it introduced us to the "Travel Shards", used to go back to the main travel crystal in BattleOn. I Love this system! Except there isn't any other in the world right now and there's no place to put more in the barely 32 available maps. --Well, 32 maps excluding side areas like the "Sneevil Fort", "Root boss map", "Mother Hen Cave", "Acevorath area" or the cave in Darkovia forest. This also does not include building interiors. "Why not counting them? They're maps right? " Yes, but they do not contribute to the expansion of the world, they are locked away locations with no possibility of growth. So let's look into these 32maps; Without fast traveling, 19 of them are accessible by foot, almost 50% of the world requires you to fast travel! Can you even call that a world in the first place? The issue here again is "Priority", they wanted to move forward before completing and detailing the existing areas, so we're left with a couple of premade puzzle pieces, but none matches together. Don't believe me? Here's something I made in Photoshop. It's the map of the main areas in AQ3D: Now Here's the way I reworked GreenGuard to make the game enjoyable to explore: (Some maps would require minor tweaks, like moving the dungeons in barrow point to open the ways and putting the portals elsewhere... ) See how I used the outcasted pointless maps to link the world together? This is how the world should be built. Ashfall is a pretty good exemple of a well made out location. Now if we wanted to go even further, here's the WIP of my full AQ3D rework map.. (this map could be achieved in a year. ) (Empty cases are being worked on right now. But some would be filler maps small, simple with monsters and ressources to farm. no NPCs, shops etc. ) ?--Fast Traveling-- This point is a natural continuation of the previous topic, after building your world, you need to provide the players with a dynamic and fun way to travel around it. So let's keep the narrative system they've already set in place. The Travel Crystal and Travel Shards, then we'll adresse Travelling as a whole. --Travel Shards, these little floating shards are a quick way to bring you back to the main town once you've linked with them. I do not know if they thought about adding a color system, but I will, so here's how I think they should work; BattleOn is Home to this massive Blue Travel Crystal, thus, every blue Shards should bring you back to it's main Crystal. Following this logic, I feel like DarkHurst should house another Crystal with its own serie of little shards in the surrounding area. P. S: You could not link to a shard nor use it if you haven't linked with it's main Crystal. --Travel Crystals, These are the main way to get around the world and heck, they even give a narrative excuse as of why the towns were built around those, they're just that handy and valuable! A Crystal should do 2 things: Let you travel to any of the matching Shards you have already linked with, and let you teleport to any other colored CRYSTAL, and not shards. --Ships, Of course Crystals can't be the ONLY way to go around lore.. Until you linked with every Crystals that is! With Lolosia coming in, I found the opportunity to write a post about a "BattleOn Port" a couple weeks ago, it is on the Reddit already and I incorporated it in my "AQ3D map done right" already, The Image says it order to first link with the main Crystal of an Area, you would have to walk to the said l
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