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Average Rating 7,4 / 10 stars. year 2019. Writers Guy Ritchie. Star Naomi Scott. Countries USA. brief A kind-hearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true
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If you come into this as an Homage to the 1992 Robin Williams/Disney animation, then you will have a nice time. It's a fun, well-made musical, with many of the original songs and a couple of new ones, and some originals slightly remixed. The sets are colourfully OTT, looking like the Agrabah of the animation, and there are some good performances.
Now the weaknesses, and my main gripe with the film - Jafar. In the animation, he was a powerful, evil, man who was well spoken, with dry humour and just wanted more power. In this version he comes over just as a spoiled brat who just moans about being second all the time and doesn't want power as such, just moans about not being 'first. Second, much less of a big gripe is that although he never tries to replace Robin Williams, and you shouldn't see this film to compare him to the original) Will Smith just doesn't carry the movie enough. He is competent, and fun, but just doesn't give out the classic character feeling that Robin Williams' did. Overall, see this, it's a fun romp that you'll enjoy, sing-a-long to and then probably watch the 1992 version the next time you want to watch Aladdin.
A pointless recreation of the cartoon version with the addition of Benny Hill sequences. Lazy scripting and lazy directing. Lacks spark, energy and entertainment and authentic humour. If this is Guy Ritchie attempting to prove his talent then the conclusion is talentless.











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