Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan primewire

Movie info=Borat Sagdiyev struggles to make a living in Kazakhstan as a TV reporter amidst well known beliefs that his country's economy suffers because of Jews. He is selected by his Government to travel to the United States of America and submit a report on its society and culture, to which he agrees. Accordingly, he and his producer Azamat Bagatov set out to experience America first-hand. Both then attempt to learn the American culture and proper etiquette, especially when using the restroom and the elevator. While doing so, Borat watches Baywatch and falls hopelessly in love with Pamela Anderson. His original quest forgotten, he convinces Azamat to head out to California in a dilapidated van filled with assorted animals. When the van breaks down they hitchhike through the land of the mighty 'warlord' George W. Bush, so that Borat may fulfill his desire of meeting and eventually marrying Ms. Anderson
1 hours 24m
Director=Larry Charles

Most of the criticisms of this movie are absolutely correct. What the movie boils down to is whether you liked it or not. And I loved it. That there are two layers to this movie is absolutely correct. That it was vulgar is also true. That it was slanted through the eyes of minorities(specifically Jewish) is also true. That it wasn't a good movie couldn't be further. And I'll tell you why! Borat is a lover of America and comes here childishly naive to explore the opportunities he has heard of. The Jews, Blacks and Gays are the only people who treat Borat kindly without trying to use or manipulate him. For everyone else who DOES try to bend Borat to their way of thinking-they end up disgusted or terribly embarrassed and look stupid. That is the comment. In an era where comedies have the same theme over and over-check out any will Ferrell, jack black, American pie, Jim Carey, jackass, etc- or nothing to say at all. I found this comedy refreshing. Finally! a comedian with balls. no pun intended. And if still don't believe borat is see good luck chuck and you will.
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Simply put, the reason Borat is funny, is because in this world of P.C. thought police; Borat says, not necessarily what we would like to say, but what we no longer have the option to say should we chose to.
I actually paid to see it at the cinema - the first time I have paid for any movie in nearly 10 years - free speech should be protected, not pirated. I am sure a lot of the stuff was staged, not even the stupidest person would allow themselves to be shown on screen in a major movie in as bigoted and ignorant, although the Rodeo Scene showed REAL balls ! Abusing the US Anthem is only a short step away from wiping your bum with the flag ! And to do this in The South, he was lucky not to get shot.
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