The Lodge
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Genre Thriller, Drama
director Severin Fiala Countries USA
Actor Richard Armitage 100Minutes I attended the east coast premiere of "The Lodge" a few weeks ago and can say it will most likely be 2020's most polarizing and divisive horror release. If you've seen Franz & Fiala's last film, Goodnight Mommy, you'll have an idea of what to expect in terms of tone and themes. The cinematography is breathtaking, and Riley Keough's performance is unbelievable. Like "Mommy" the central characters are two siblings who are up against some sort of unknown/unstable maternal presence while existing in isolation. Instead of a vast, lonely European farm, The Lodge" features exactly what the title suggests. a mountain lodge in the middle of nowhere. It's so well done that you can almost feel the icy frost in the theater as the film progresses. Franz & Fiala take a lot of cues from Ari Aster, ESPECIALLY "Midsommar, in depicting sudden tragedy and brutal, existential grief that consistently drips off the screen. Additionally, there are underlying themes of mental illness and psychosis that are done really well and tactfully. although I might add it may not seem so at first. Sorry if that's cryptic, I just don't want to give any spoilers. The ending will knock you on your ass. I couldn't move after the screening, I was frozen for half the credit roll, and couldn't stop thinking about it for days. I highly recommend "The Lodge" for fans of Aster's work, or if you liked "Goodnight Mommy" and want more of the same slow-burn insanity.
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The lodge at vail. The lodges at gettysburg. The Lodge is a horror drama as Hereditary or Midsömmar. The Lodge was produced by three countries The United Kingdom, Canada and The United States, a good and insane script, a great art direction, amazing performances and direction. The film shows how cruel can be a children, how insane can be a deeply religious person and don't mess with a disturbed person. The lead actress Riley Keough is an awesome actress playing a sadly character with many changes. The problem is the last minutes, a predectible ending. It's Song Is Wonderful!??. Her: I can handle it. Me: LiEs. The lodger movie. The lodgers trailer. The lodge 2019 watch online. The lodge at columbia point. It is extremely hard to take a horror movie trailer seriously if it has “7 Rings” all over it.
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