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Ernest Cline / Steven Spielberg / Average Ratings=8 of 10 star / 140 min / Genre=Sci-Fi / country=India
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Ready player one is nothing special.
Just a bunch of pop culture stuff thrown around to give people nostalgia and why they do that they forget to make an actual good story. This movie is style over substance. CGI & VISUALS Let me say pros before we say cons. The visuals and cgi are phenomenal one of the greatest i have ever seen in my opinion and the race scene captures that perfectly. The creativity and all that amazes me and i thought this movie was gonna be great but sadly not. CHARACTERS The characters are all bland. They atleast manage to give them some backstory and a desire but it's a really cheap one. It is "get the key cause it's necessary for the plot" there is no reason to why they want the key other than they want to control Oasis. It's excusable if the protagonist want's the keys to control Oasis but if all of them are after the key to control Oasis it's really unoriginality and lazy writing. But anyways the side characters are bad (as expected) they don't have that much screen time and they should have at least made Aech into a more important and well developed character but she is just a side character. Wade is a mediocre character who dosen't change as a character which makes the whole adventure pointless and Samantha is a boring love interest (i'll explain later.) All of them are cheap. ROMANCE The relationship between Wade and Samantha is rushed. In the beginning they are instantly friends and then even faster they are nearly lovers. It was excusable cause There was a conflict happening when IOI attacked but that conflict got abandoned after Wade's aunt and uncle got killed (which was a great scene but never got developed into a greater reason for Wade stopping Nolan) so they never talked about Wade and Samantha's relationship and then when it was most convenient they just kissed. VILLAIN Nolan had so much potential. The scene were Wade meets Nolan. Instead of making him a corepret a-hole they should have made him a lover for pop culture and his motivation for controlling Oasis is understandable but wrong. And him killing Wade's Uncle and aunt was the perfect way to make the villain more threatening but they failed at doing that. And the bounty hunter was just bad. VERDICT It's a bad movie and i understand people who like this movie but i just don't find the enjoyment.
From what I read in other people's reviews is that if you've read the book the general consensus is that it is nothing like it, so you will hate it. I for one am thankful I DON'T read if this is the case, I didn't know what to expect but wow I was blown away, the ultimate gaming geek film. Really good and likeable characters, action is fast paced and there is an element of emotion which was a nice touch.
Overall, give it a go with an open mind and I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride.
Can't say I care usually what critics or even sometimes users reviews. It held my attention the whole time. Thought it was entertaining fast moving. It was visually good I like movies that throw some fantasy in there. Reminds me years ago when I played with an avatar.









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