eKlg 15 font free download, which is a modern and contemporary fonts, can be downloaded for free for personal and commercial use. eKlg 15 font is very suitable for business card design, logo design or other purposes that needs modern fonts.

Elegant and contemporary typeface with 1 weights available - Thin, Light & Regular. Suitable for headings / titles / text / logo design as well as advertisements.

Download by clicking the link below:
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eKlg font is regular and the font features:
  • regular and italic characters (built-in kerning pairs) - more than 200 glyphs - supporting ligatures (alternate glyphs) - more than 1000 alternate character sets (international language support) eKlg supports many Central European languages, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Thai, Russian and other world languages.
eKlg font is free for personal use. Commercial distribution is not possible. For credits please visit the following site: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/license/.
for more free fonts, visit my site: www.freefontsdesign.com
If you want to purchase the full set of eKlg 15 font , please visit: https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344540-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344679-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344686-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344694-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344701-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344710-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344717-eklg-15-font
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1344674-eklg-15
https://creativemarket. com/enzo_vestito/1418731-eklg
If you need support for using eKlg 15 font , please visit: http://www.freefontsdesign. com/how-to-install-fonts.html
You can use eKlg 15 font for personal and commercial projects as well as for web design - it's free to use! But please observe the following conditions: You must not use this font or a modified version of this font to create a new font. You must not distribute the original or modified version of this font on another website. If you have a website, blog or any other online presence, then you should embed the font into the site using the @font-face rule.
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