Tex Tan Saddle Serial Numbers
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Tex Tan Saddle Serial Numbers

I guess when Tex Tan had that huge fire in 2006, that the records ('blueprints') for that tree were destroyed.. I couldn't find the serial numbers on it but she had them written down She always writes down the serial numbers of saddles when we get them (not like we go through very many though!).. When you have the saddle upside down, the left side flexes (in perspective to this picture, it is the side farthest away in the picture).. I'm thinking based on the serial number that it was made in September of 1981? We had thought the saddle was older than that, but that must be right.. I have some Tex Tan saddles and the serial number is on the inside of the stirrup leather, down near the bottom.. Have no idea how it happened It's been broke for a while now but the leather is still just gorgeous on the saddle and such a shame to have it sit.. You might need to take the stirrup off to see it And yes, there should be several numbers, usually in two rows.. My mother has an older Hereford Tex Tan barrel racing saddle that she's had for many years.. I was wondering if anyone knew what the numbers meant? I may try calling Tex Tan as well to see if they can tell me.. Well gosh darn Just heard back from the saddle repair shop that Tex Tan told me to call, and the tree is MIA.. (981I) Not sure what the 'I' stands for Undo the screws at the front and below the swell.. There may be small nails driven in under the concho The concho just screws in Carefully lift the seat jockey up and you may be able to see what's going on.. So they can't get it and he can't replace it That really sucks because the leather is still beautiful on this saddle.. I HAVE FOUND THE SERIAL NUMBER, HOW CAN i DECIPHER IT?Hereford 981I Tex Tan of Yoakum 115-41613.. A while back, we cinched it up on the usual horse that wears it only to discover the gullet was sitting on his withers; because the tree is broken.. We had a local guy tell us that he's had success with literally putting a rod through the entire swell to support it and brace it.. Or turn the saddle upside down and carefully slide you fingers into the air channel to see or feel for damage.. I'm currently trying to see if I can get the tree replaced, because she likes the saddle so much.. Unfortunately, he didn't get to it (was too busy) and then they quit doing saddles and retired.. I wonder if there are any other saddle shops out there that can somehow repair it?It seems to be in the swell where the tree 'gives' and must be broken. ae05505a44 Counter Strike SourcePc蕭х軒若帥199Mb,ゃ吟若4v 1.0.0PC若









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