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Directed by Luke Lorentzen
tomatometer 8,1 of 10
Documentary, Action
creators Luke Lorentzen
In Mexico City, the government operates fewer than 45 emergency ambulances for apopulation of 9 million. This has spawned an underground industry of for-profit ambulances often run by people with little or no training or certification. An exception in this ethically fraught, cutthroat industry, the Ochoa family struggles to keep their financial needs from jeopardizing the people in their care. When a crackdown by corrupt police pushes the family into greater hardship, they face increasing moral dilemmas even as they continue providing essential emergency medical services.
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Nocna rodzinka watch full apk. "Outstanding... Fantastically shot by the director Luke Lorentzen, the documentary develops an urgency that suits the life-or-death stakes onscreen. By turns terrifying and exhilarating, “Midnight Family” unfolds with such velocity that it may take a while for your ethical doubts to catch up to what’s happening. When they do, they leave you gasping. " ? Manohla Dargis, New York Times Critics’ Pick “Arguably the most exhilarating documentary to come out of Sundance this year, Midnight Family follows the Ochoa family?the gruff but compassionate Fer and his two underage sons, Juan and Josué?at intensely close range on these Sisyphean missions of mercy. ” ? Museum of Modern Art and Film Society of Lincoln Center Included in the “10 Best Movies of Sundance 2019" "A deft mix of big-picture doc-making and intimate moments... not to mention a wild?and remarkably eye-opening?ride. ” ? David Fear, Rolling Stone “This 81-minute masterpiece will change the way you look at documentaries forever; its style reads like an action movie, its themes like a socio-political drama, and, yet, it still is very much a work of non-fiction, with a camera always exactly positioned to capture a society on the brink of moral collapse. ? Jordan Ruimy, The Playlist “Profound and thrilling cinema verite filmmaking. The film is impeccably crafted by Luke Lorentzen… What matters most here is Lorentzen’s intuition?he knows during many stunning moments just where to put the camera in such close quarters, letting us observe as harrowing drama and cinematic poetry unfolds… 'Midnight Family' is extremely visceral in the best way. ” ? Nick Allen, Roger Included in “21 Must-See Movies” at Sundance "An intimate verite documentary... the Ochoas emerge as fascinating embodiments of a country working overtime to correct its shortcomings and keep the lights on. This bracing U. S. competition documentary is poised to provide a personal window into the fast-paced mayhem of Mexico after dark. ” ? Eric Kohn, Indiewire.
Nocna rodzinka watch full film. The opening shot of Luke Lorentzen’s riveting documentary “Midnight Family” is deceptively calm. The camera is filming in the back of an ambulance as it slowly backs into a spot for the night. A young man opens the door and begins cleaning wet blood off of the stretcher. We then hear the paramedic talking to his girlfriend, telling her about the horrors of his shift with all the gory details: a terrible accident, multiple serious injuries, not enough ambulances to transport victims, and finally, a death. It’s just another day in the life of the Ochoa family in Mexico City. In the country’s capital, there are only 45 government-run ambulances to serve a city of 9 million people. The rest of the city must rely on private ambulances, which are incentivized to race to the scene of an accident first and are on their own to collect payment. The Ochoas operate out of one of these private ambulances with an all-male crew ranging in age and experience. The dangerous job is not a lucrative business. Many times, their passengers will neither have insurance or enough money to pay for their services, however necessary their intervention may have been. Also Read: 'American Factory, ' 'Apollo 11' Top Cinema Eye Honors Documentary Nominations The ambulance’s main patriarch, Fer, is a stern man teaching his sons the family business. While his son drives to the scene of an accident, Fer takes over the ambulance’s loudspeaker to yell at cars for not moving out of their way. He’s also an understanding man who treats patients kindly ? when he’s treating a teenage domestic abuse victim, she asks him for a hug and he obliges, calming her down and talking her through her options. At 16, Fer’s son Juan is experienced but still has a lot to learn. His younger brother, Josue?, usually rides in the back or stays out of the adults’ way by squirreling away in a small compartment in the ambulance. At nine years old, he’s not quite ready yet for the tough job ? and it’s tough work that’s only getting more difficult as corrupt police, unregistered ambulances and tougher restrictions make it harder for the Ochoa family to survive. Also Read: Telemundo Actor Alejandro Sandí Rescued Following Abduction in Mexico Filmed in a stylish yet observational style, it’s easy to forget the director and his camera in the middle of these life-or-death moments. Lorentzen, who also shot and edited “Midnight Family, ” embraces candid moments outside of their job, including scenes like Josue? playing in the back of the ambulance, Juan’s therapeutic phone calls to his girlfriend, and the family’s routine to get ready for work. In one comical scene, the camera is filming a conversation when an emergency call comes through, and Lorentzen bolts to run around to jump in the back of the ambulance so they can take off to an accident scene; the camera moves wildly until it’s safely in the back of the truck. It’s one of many exhilarating moments that reminds the audience of the job’s unpredictability. While the movie seems like it’s?always on the move, there are a handful of still moments, almost as if to let the audience catch up with the frenetic pace of the Ochoas’ job. Near the beginning of the film, the ambulance is shown idling, waiting for that next emergency call as the rain pours and the slick roads reflect the street lights around them. Another shot near the end of the movie captures the gush of constant traffic on congested highways, visually suggesting that life moves on and death is a part of that daily life. Also Read: Viacom Will Take VidCon to Mexico City in 2020 Lorentzen’s film doesn’t always identify the people working on or with those in the ambulance. What the camera focuses on is their shared experiences of racing other ambulances to the scene, yelling for cars and pedestrians to get out of their way ? the nights when money is short, and they’re stuck scraping by on whatever they can afford to eat at a gas station. “Midnight Family” is both a compassionate portrait of a working-class family and a frightening ride through a broken healthcare system that risks the lives of both patients and providers like the Ochoa family. “Midnight Family” does not shy away from showing the pressures they face from all sides and the constant exhaustion in their line of work, but we also come to understand their sense of loyalty to their patients. There is so much suffering in their profession, more than the Ochoas can take on, but they do what they can to help those in need. 15 Buzziest Sundance Movies: From Shia LaBeouf's 'Honey Boy' to 'Leaving Neverland' (Photos) Sundance 2019: Film fanatics will brave the cold to see these hot films in Park City, Utah Park City, Utah, is about to be flush with cash -- and we're not talking about buying apres ski gear. Here are the most buzzed-about titles of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. (Note: some already have distributors).

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Luke Lorentzen ’s documentary takes up residence alongside the Ochoa family, who earn a living ? just barely ? by operating one of the metropolis’ numerous privately owned ambulances, ferrying the injured to hospitals in hopes of being monetarily rewarded for their efforts. Portraits of institutional dysfunction don’t come much more urgent, and quietly bleak, than this, which should help the film attract serious attention following its Sundance Film Festival premiere. Though medically unstable Fer is the nominal head of the Ochoa household, it’s his mature 17-year-old son Juan who ? despite his youthful complexion (replete with braces) and habit of hugging a giant stuffed animal during interviews ? who’s the clan’s real father figure. Theirs is a tenuous existence in which each night is spent hanging out in the ambulance waiting for a call. When emergency notifications arrive, they ignite harrowing races through Mexico City’s bustling streets, as the Ochoas try to beat rival EMT outfits to the scene and, then, to quickly strap the wounded into stretchers and load them into the back of their van. Such urgency comes, of course, from their desire to help people survive potentially serious injuries. Yet as Lorentzen’s film makes clear via the Ochoas’ day-to-day ordeal, it’s also driven by a desire to lock citizens into their care ? which, ostensibly, will result in payment at the end of the ride. “Midnight Family” illustrates that compensation is rarely in the cards here, as haggling leads to either polite apologies from those unable to pay, or harsher rejections from those simply unwilling to reimburse the paramedics for their trouble. As if that weren’t problematic enough for Juan and Fern, who can only assume their duties if a public ambulance doesn’t show up first, the police are constant impediments, blocking them from accepting patients, citing them for unreasonable (and supposedly made-up) violations, and, at one point, threatening to arrest Juan if they aren’t paid a bribe. “Midnight Family” conveys all of this by sticking close to the Ochoas as they navigate an untenable state of affairs that links private ambulances, hospitals and police officers in a web of financial self-interest. Serving as his own cinematographer and editor, director Lorentzen generates intense empathy by following Juan and Fern ?during a breakneck attempt to get a young girl with a traumatic brain injury to a hospital ? yelling at passing cars through a loudspeaker, and giving traffic directions to each other ? while the girl’s terrified mother sits beside them in the front seat. At such moments, the film achieves a powerful measure of suspense that’s intricately tied up in its despairing sociological depiction of a system that’s come apart at the seams. Through it all, Juan counts every penny, spends frugally (on, for example, a dinner of tuna fish and corn), recounts his exploits to his girlfriend on the phone, and cares for his younger brother Josué, who prefers to spend his time ratting around in the back of the ambulance ? laughing with friends, eating chips or catching a quick nap ? rather than attending school. In his criticisms of his sibling’s delinquency, which come equipped with explanations about why an education is so important, Juan proves himself an everyday hero, trying at home and in the streets as a paramedic, to keep his ? and everyone else’s ? world together. After three weeks in theaters, Sony’s “Bad Boys for Life” is officially the highest-grossing installment in the action-comedy series. The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence-led threequel has made $291 million globally to date, pushing it past previous franchise record holder, 2003’s “Bad Boys II” and its $271 million haul. The first entry, 1995’s “Bad Boys, ” [... ] The BAFTA film awards have kicked off in London, with Graham Norton hosting this year at the Royal Albert Hall. The awards will be broadcast on the BBC in the United Kingdom and at 5 p. m. PT on BBC America. “Joker” topped the nominations with 11 nods, while “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, ” and [... ] “1917, ” Sam Mendes’ World War I survival thriller, has taken an early lead at the 73rd British Academy of Film and Television’s Film Awards with four wins so far. “1917” took the first award of the evening, the Outstanding British Film Award, where it was the clear favourite in the category against fellow nominees “Bait, ” [... ] Every summer, more than 1, 000 teens swarm the Texas capitol building to attend Boys State, the annual American Legion-sponsored leadership conference where these incipient politicians divide into rival parties, the Nationalists and the Federalists, and attempt to build a mock government from the ground up. In 2017, the program attracted attention for all the wrong [... ] Box office newcomers “Rhythm Section” and “Gretel and Hansel” fumbled as “Bad Boys for Life” remained champions during a painfully slow Super Bowl weekend. Studios consider Sunday’s NFL championship a dead zone at movie theaters since the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV event. This year proved no exception. Overall ticket sales for the weekend [... ] Ahead of tonight’s BAFTA Awards in London, Amy Gustin and Deena Wallace, co-directors of the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA), discuss how they shook up their awards’ voting mechanisms to become more inclusive of a wider variety of films and filmmakers.? BIFA is different from other awards bodies in its process as well as its [... ] A wide range of Scandinavian films, including the politically-charged Danish drama “Shorta, ” the supernatural Icelandic drama “Lamb” with Noomi Rapace, and the Finnish-Iranian refugee tale “Any Day Now, ’ were some of the highlights at this year’s Nordic Film Market. They were presented, along with 13 other films in post-production, as part of the Work-in-Progress section. [... ].
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