Kotor 2 Hk 47 Influence
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Akkere also sells Thorium Charges which can be used on the locked doors in Dxun and Korriban that cant be opened any other way.. You can unlock this dialog after reaching an influence level pretty close to 100 with HK (you'll need to play VERY dark sided).. If you win enough games against him hell give you a rare piece of armour 2) Droid Merchant Akkere This merchant sells the HK Control Cluster, a necessary part in restoring the HK-47 if you havent already found it on another planet.. XD STAR WARS Kni Kotor 2 hk-47 influence kotor 2 hk parts cheat kodin kotor 2 kotor 2 hk-47 upgrades.. 18 Oct 2012 For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on the Xbox, a GameFAQs Answers question titled any help? I can`t influence HK47 after I fix him For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the PC, a GameFAQs And it's a hard way since.. 5) Crystal Cave Entrance Once you have finished the Jedi Enclave and the Crystal Cave and come back outside youll be confronted by the Mercenary Leader Azkul and 6 of his friends.. 1) Ebon Hawk Pick your party members and head outside the Ebon Hawk If you dont want to be noticed make sure you put your lightsaber away as the locals dont view Jedi kindly.. Youll find them by searching a pile of rubble in the Crystal Cave If Bao-Dur is in your party he can open them and discover there has been surveillance by Zherron.. Telos Station (Under Attack) - the wounded soldier that you find in the Telos Station Entertainment Module during the Sith attack gives you influence towards HK-47 if you provoke him to attack you and you kill him (instead of healing him and having you follow him).. If I replay the game, I'll make a note of going to Dantooine from Telos, but only completing the Jedi Enclave bit before immediately heading on to Nar Shaada.. 3) Entrance to Khoonda Administrative Center4) Saedhe This guy has lost his atmospheric sensors.. I am already at full LS mastery and Im only at lvl 17, so I still have a lot of the game left.. Youll also meet Tarn here who will run away if he sees your lightsaber Pato Ado is also here and he will sell you Pazaak cards or play Pazaak with you.. Hes been taking parts to sell in his shop You can either turn him in or ask him to join the militia to help with the defense of Khoonda.. (from magnumtb) Kreia Later one, once you have found his Hydrospanner in one of the Defense Droids in Khoonda you can ask him about it.. Even after 'cheating' by reading the Influence guide, I had to take so many dark side points to gain full influence with HK-47 that I was never able to regain my Light Side Mastery status.. You can take these to Administrator Adare in Khoonda and have Zherron replaced or sell them to Saedhe for 3,000 or 4,000 credits with persuade.. HK 47 influence on a LS playthrough KOTOR 2 I am on Nar Shadaa and I just fixed HK 47 and I know that almost all of his influence gains are attached to dark side points, but I am doing a LS play through.. As you step out a woman will tell you to speak with Administrator Adare to complete your business in khoonda.. I dont recommend taking these mercenaries on until you have levelled up a fair bit. 773a7aa168 ≪潟若吟若若>信罩,若潟1982FiNAL CUT.720p.BluRay.x264 13l









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