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Crime / creator - Ivan Atkinson / 2020 / A British drug lord tries to sell off his highly profitable empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires / 4557 Votes / 113 minute. This movie is so good! Charlie hunnam kills it. Fast and Furious : Michael Bay's Edition Staring DeadPool. Its as i suspected. After End Game I no longer need to watch any new movies - these all look like garbage. Huge fan of Guy Ritchie.
And he didn't dissapoint with the masterful piece of witty scriptplay and great story telling. All the performances were stand out especially Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam. Even if your not a Guy Ritchie fan you will still love this film. It has everything from drama, violence and creating tears of laughter. Must see and couldn't recommend more.
Florida Caveman Promotes Hair Grooming Tools. Gooooooooood'daaaaaaammm when they broke through at 1:41 I had chillssssss. Ok are these in coming in 2020 because like half of these are out now, 2019. Snatch with a new garment. Guy Ritchie's style is outdated and obviously cheesy. Is that penguin. Great performances, very fast paced story telling, if your a fan of snatch and lock stock two smoking barrels you will love this. I would watch film, they will never make, called Accountability Rising. Decades of war truth films that only create conspiracy outrage of bureaucracy, and no solutions to root problems. Pass. Prefer to see war banker families finally walk the plank without a life jacket. Great unmade movie! The 'Accountability Genre' should be a new trend that never has, or will be.
Thats a MUST WATCH MOVIE. Was not expecting to hear the words molten skat when I woke up this morning lmao. The writing seems awful and cringey. How many times do they want to go with animalistic imagery and comparison, stop talking about lions we get it. I was so looking forward to this film but what a disappointment. I love Hugh Grant and Guy Ritchie normally but what a snooze fest. It was more like a series of tenuously linked scenes than an actual story. Ropey old fashioned racism that would make any right thinking person cringe and feel deeply uncomfortable. School boy repetitive offensive language for no real reason but an attempt to shock or be funny (FYI it did neither. Plus weird 1 dimensional characters with seemingly meaningless traits ie why does Charlie H's character have OCD one minute and no symptoms of it the next? Why exactly was the young girl with a heroine addiction an addict and why did she die? Even HG's involvement couldn't save it. Good accent and bit of humour but my God can the man take a breath and stop talking for 5 seconds?
Give it a miss and watch Lock Stock again on Netflix is my recommendation.
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