movie Bombshell

Against the backdrop of the 2016 United States presidential election, Fox News' anchor, Megyn Kelly, finds herself embroiled in controversy, after questioning the Republican front runner, Donald Trump, on his misogynistic comments. But, on July 6, 2016--as the network's former anchorwoman, Gretchen Carlson, sets in motion a maelstrom of events for refusing to exchange sexual favours with Fox News mogul, Roger Ailes--other journalists, like the ambitious producer, Kayla Pospisil, come forward. Now, three wronged women are about to reveal the toxic world of sexual harassment in a workplace environment, bent on bringing down the powerful CEO. However, are Megyn, Gretchen, and Kayla the only ones who didn't get along with the boys?
Rating - 56053 votes
Countries - USA
Casts - Nicole Kidman
Duration - 109 M
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