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Chhapaak Box Office Collection: The latest Chhapaak box office report is out and the film has yet again crashed massively as it completed a not-so-successful one week at the box office. 83332 reads Mumbai Updated: January 17, 2020 06:09 pm Chhapaak Box Office Collection Day 7: Deepika Padukone's film crashes by 40% ends week one on a dismal note Chhapaak Box Office Collection:? Deepika Padukone returned to the big screen with Chhapaak after having a no-show in 2019. However, the film has failed to get the audiences to the theatres as Meghana Gulzar's directorial is not enjoying an extravagant or even a decent run at the box office. The latest Chhapaak box office report is out and the film has yet again crashed massively as it completed one week.? While one would expect Deepika to return with a huge bang, the film has failed to meet expectations. According to a report in Box Office India, Chhapaak crashed massively on day 7, i. e Thursday. The collections dropped down by 40% on Thursday to Rs 1. 25-1. 50 crore nett. Given this considerable drop, Chhapaak may will find it difficult to enter the second week. The total collection of the film now stands at a dismal Rs 26 crore nett. The film which revolves around the subject of acid attacks has received a tough competition from Ajay Devgn and Kajol starrer Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. As per the report, Chhapaak will find it difficult to reach even Rs 35 crore. On the other hand, Tanhaji? covered this number in only in two days and currently stands at a spectacular Rs 116 crore nett after the first week. The film also did not do well depsite partial holidays across the country during this week. Check out Chhapaak's box office collections so far: Friday, Day 1 - Rs 4. 5 crore Saturday, Day 2 - Rs 6. 5 crore Sunday, Day 3 - Rs 7 crore Monday, Day 4 - Rs 2 crore Tuesday, Day 5 - Rs 2. 25 crore Wednesday., Day 6 - Rs 2 crore Thursday, Day 7 - Rs 1. 50 crore Total?Chhapaak's box office - Rs 26 crore nett. She's emotional ?. Chhapaak songs free download.
Chhapaak mp3 free download. Proud of u deepika. Chhapaak box office collection: The Meghna Gulzar directorial earned Rs 4. 77 crore on its first day at the box office ? ???New Delhi???? Last Updated:?January 17, 2020, 09:56 IST Chhapaak box office collection: Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey's much-anticipated film Chhapaak, which hit the theaters on January 10, has received a mild response from the moviegoers. The critically-acclaimed film minted Rs 26 crore (approx) in its first week. Chhapaak, which was made on an estimated budget of Rs 30 crore, is at least set to recover its production budget. The Meghna Gulzar directorial earned Rs 4. 77 crore on its first day at the box office. However, the film's collection saw some spike on Saturday and Sunday (Day 2 and Day 3) with earnings of Rs? 6. 90 crore and Rs 7. 35 crore respectively. During weekdays, the box office collections of Chhapaak witnessed a huge decline. The total earnings of Chhappak from Monday to Thursday stood roughly at Rs 7. 5 crore. Chhapaak is based on the life of acid attack survivor and activist Laxmi Agarwal. In the film, Padukone portrays an acid attack survivor, Malti. In the film, actor Vikrant Massey has portrayed the role of a social activist, Amol. Chhapaak? was released alongside Ajay Devgn and Kajol's Tanhaji: The Unung Warrior. Ajay starrer film is way ahead of Deepika's film. Film Tanhaji has amassed Rs 116 crore? (approximately) in seven days. Tanhaji was made on a budget of Rs 150 crore. This week Chhapaak will be clashing with Jai Mummy Di starring starring Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon. Although the film has two veteran actresses, it is unlikely to impact Chhapaak's? business at the ticket window. However, Chaapaak, in itself is likely to fade away in its second week, due to poor performance in the first week. Also read: Chhapaak Box Office Collection Day 5: Deepika Padukone's film slows down further; earns Rs 24 crore Also read: Chhapaak Box Office Collection Day 6: Deepika Padukone's movie slows down, Tanhaji crosses Rs 100-crore collection mark.
Waiting for the realize day of the movie. Chhapaak full movie free download. Sir review film darbar. ???????????. Chhapaak movie free download. Free download chappaquiddick. Malti (Deepika Padukone) was attacked with acid on a street in New Delhi, in 2005. Through her story, the film makes an attempt to understand the on-ground consequences of surviving an acid attack in India, the medico-legal-social state of affairs that transpires after the acid has been hurled and the face is irreparably burnt. Directed by Meghna Gulzar, Produced by Fox Star Studios, Deepika Padukone, Govind Singh Sandhu, and Meghna Gulzar, written by Atika Chohan and Meghna Gulzar, Chhapaak is set to hit theatres on 10th January 2020. Also Subscribe To FoxStarIndia: FoxStarSouth: Social Media Links Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Dailymotion.
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January 10, 2020 6:37PM PT Director Meghna Gulzar and Indian superstar Deepika Padukone are affecting without excess in this fact-based drama about the aftermath of a horrible crime. Theres a scene late in “ Chhapaak, ” writer-director Meghna Gulzar s stirringly crafted and intelligently uplifting fact-based drama, where Malti (Deepika Padukone) the survivor of a horrific assault, tentatively expresses her warm feelings to Amol (Vikrant Massey) the crusading activist who has taken up the cause of women who have suffered similar attacks. But, true to form for this fiery idealist, Amol gruffly interrupts her romantic overtures. “This stuff, ” he insists, “belongs in the movies. ” Its tempting to read the exchange as Gulzars meta commentary on her own movie, which scrupulously avoids the emotional and stylistic extremes that, for better or worse, have come to define much of contemporary Indian cinema (and not just for Western audiences. To put it another way: If you walk into “ Chhapaak ” expecting typical Bollywood razzamatazz, you may be disappointed. There are no lavish production numbers, no exhilarating romantic interludes, no slo-mo acrobatics of any sort ? and only two songs, neither of which are sung by anyone onscreen. On the other hand, if youre up for a conventional yet compelling tale of an exceptional young woman who overcomes brutish mistreatment and regains control of her destiny, you wont miss the usual song-and-dance at all. Working with co-writer Atika Chohan, Gulzar has taken a reasonable amount of dramatic license in telling the real-life story of Laxmi Agarwal, a 15-year-old New Delhi girl who, in 2005, was splashed with acid and hideously disfigured by a thirtysomething man whose stalkerish advances she had rebuffed. In “Chhapaak, ” the victim is slightly older, and known as Malti. Although Gulzar presents the attack early in the film ? shockingly, but with sympathetic discretion ? she doesnt explicitly detail motivation for the crime until a third-act flashback. In the meantime, she smartly focuses on Maltis efforts to will herself out of despair and depression, undergo a series of restorative surgeries, and press a legal case against her attacker. Maltis chief allies are Archana Bajaj (Madhurjeet Sarghi) a crusading attorney who rails against a national legal system that appears to treat acid assaults on women (a commonplace crime in India) as scarcely worse than misdemeanors, and the aforementioned Amol, the type of single-minded zealot who would serve as buzzkill at a party celebrating a legal victory because, well, he didnt think the ruling went far enough. (It speaks volumes about Vikrant Masseys underlying charisma that his character doesnt come across as a complete pill. ) Occasionally calling to mind socially conscious Warner Bros. melodramas of the 1930s, “Chhapaak” repeatedly emphasizes how ludicrously easy it is (or at least was, until recently) for acid-tossers to procure their assault weapon of choice throughout India. Worse, as attorney Bajaj explains in a key scene that is all the more potent for being so matter-of-factly subdued, the attackers are able to avoid appropriately long prison sentences because, according to the criminal code, throwing acid at someone is no more heinous than dousing them with hot tea. (A nice touch: Bajaj has ample time to do her crusading because her husband, played by Anand Tiwari, assumes without complaint most of the day-to-day parenting responsibilities for their daughter ? whose growth, not incidentally, is a primary indication of time passages in the film. ) As Malti, Indian superstar Deepika Padukone relies less on exceptionally convincing makeup than straight-from-the-heart conviction to give her multifaceted performance the solid ring of truth. Neither she nor Gulzar resort to undue yanking of heartstrings while charting the evolution of Maltis resolve and recognition of her self-worth. At the same time, however, Padukone brings welcome touches of infectious humor and tart sassiness to the character, particularly while dealing with Amol and interacting with real-life acid-maimed women who appear (most notably, and affectingly, during a train trip) in bit parts. Two observations on the films structure are in order. First: When the audience finally gets to see the untouched beauty of Malti in the third-act flashback, were brutally reminded of the sheer monstrousness of her attacker, just at the perfect time to make the films resolution even more satisfying. On the other hand, be forewarned: The epilogue is quite capable of slapping the smile right off your face. Some movie stars level a kind of divinity that transcends personal preference ? woe betide the dissenter who openly finds Audrey Hepburn cloying, or Cary Grant less than charming. That Bruce Lee had long ascended to that level of iron-clad cool was underlined by the biggest popular quibble with “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, ”. For many the 1990s were the Age of Irony, with hipster cultural touchstones like Spy magazine and the TV show “Strangers With Candy” helping make snark the preferred flavor of the day. “The Simpsons” was also a big player in that area, yet arguably no cartoon series before had been quite so postmodern as “The. 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0:54. Dharmesh doing better then everyone. Laxmi Agarwal was 16 years old when her life changed forever. She was out running an errand in New Delhi in 2005 when she was attacked with acid by three assailants, one of whom was a 32-year-old family friend whose romantic advances she had refused. She suffered severe injuries and underwent multiple surgeries in the months and years following. “It was not only an attack on me, ” Agarwal says. “I was physically attacked, but my entire family paid for it. ” Channeling her anger into action, Agarwal has since become a high-profile campaigner for banning the sale of acid and received the International Women of Courage Award from Michelle Obama in 2014. After encouraging other acid attack survivors in India to come forward with their stories, her own experience is now being told through the countrys biggest medium: a Bollywood film adaptation directed by Meghna Gulzar and produced by and starring Deepika Padukone. “Laxmi was the one who started fighting for this cause, she was the first one that uncovered her face and she was the one who was unapologetic about the way she looked, ” Padukone tells TIME, ahead of the Jan. 10 global release of Chhapaak. “She was kind of a torchbearer for any amendment that we see today in the law regarding the regulation of the sale of acid. ” The release of Chhapaak, loosely translated as ‘splash) comes as violence against women in India has made a painful resurgence in the headlines in recent months. Beyond Indias borders, too, women took to the streets to protest violence against women: an anti-rape chant from Chile spread to 200 cities worldwide in December and mass demonstrations took place in France in November to condemn the countrys rising rate of femicide. While Chhapaak focuses on acid violence in particular, Padukone says the current global context underscores its relevance. “It makes us feel like there couldnt be a better time for a movie such as ours to come out. ” Deepika Padukone stars in new film Chhapaak Chhapaak stills In a country where top film stars tend to steer clear of politics, Padukone?Indias highest-paid female actor?has made headlines this week for joining students protesting against the government on Tuesday evening. She stood silently behind a student leader who was injured when masked men, armed with sticks and rods, stormed into the campus of New Delhis Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Sunday, injuring some 30 people. After photos of Padukone at the protest circulated online, BoycottChhapaak trended on Twitter, while others praised Padukone for being a rare dissenting voice amid Indias political crackdown under the hashtag #ISupportDeepika. It wasnt the first time Padukone has broken from the ranks of traditional A-List Bollywood stars to take a stand on important social issues ? having gained a profile as an advocate for mental health and now turning her attention to acid violence. Statistics available from Indias National Crime Records Bureau indicate that 206 cases of acid attacks and attempts to perpetrate acid attacks on women were reported in 2016. Advocates say that unreported cases mean that the real figures are likely to be much higher, possibly as many as over 1, 000 attacks per year. According to Acid Survivors Trust International, acid attacks in India often occur in public places and in most cases, the attack is committed by a person known to the victim. Get The Brief. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Thank you! For your security, we've sent a confirmation email to the address you entered. Click the link to confirm your subscription and begin receiving our newsletters. If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. After her attack, it took years for Agarwal to feel comfortable with going out in public. The support of family members and friends eventually gave her the strength to do so. “I thought that if these people can see me and they can accept me, why not the entire world? ” says Agrawal, now 31. In 2006, she and another acid attack survivor filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court of India to regulate the sale of acid in the country and new criminal laws to deal with offenders. Seven years later in 2013, the Supreme Court ruled in their favor, adding restrictions on the sale of acid to individuals below the age of 18. While the implementation of the regulations vary from state-to-state, Agarwal says that the past six years have seen further strengthening in the law and attitudes to survivors changing in broader society. Her own “Stop Sale Acid” campaign in 2018 encouraged local shop-owners to stop selling acid and offered a certification for those who took an oath to no longer sell it. “2013 was a start, because there was nothing for survivors, ” she says. “The most important thing, and the best thing that happened was the other acid attack survivors who took the courage to come out with their stories and be accepted by the world. ” Director Meghna Gulzar and actor Deepika Padukone on the set of Chhapaak From Chhapaak s inception, Agarwal was involved in the production process, meeting with Padukone several times and attending the shooting of the film. “When I saw Deepika playing me, I was so happy to see her look exactly like me, ” says Agarwal. While Padukone takes on the lead role based on Agarwal, several other acid attack survivors are featured in acting parts in Chhapaak. “What compelled me to do this project was the spirit that all of these survivors have, ” Padukone tells TIME. “Its also about what theyve chosen to make of their lives and that experience and that incident, that theyve not succumbed but have actually come out more victorious and stronger. Theres something for all of us to learn from that. ” Padukones own experience of overcoming personal traumas added another layer to the storytelling of Chaapaak. In 2015, Padukone publicly spoke about her struggles with clinical depression and her mental health. That same year, she created the Live Laugh Love Foundation, aiming to reduce stigma, provide education and raise awareness around mental health. She sees the common thread between herself and Agarwal as turning adversity into advocacy. “I would never compare depression and acid violence because theyre completely different, but at the same time, those experiences influenced both of our lives, ” Padukone says. “[Agarwals] situation was life-threatening in a certain sense, mine was life-threatening in a different sense, yet we both have wanted to overcome that, to fight that, and to make that experience meaningful not just for ourselves but for the people around us. ” For Agarwal, one of those people is her young daughter, who is looking forward to seeing the film. She also hopes that through the films portrayal of her journey, it will have a broader impact on attitudes towards acid attack survivors. Its a sentiment that resonates with Padukone too, who says she learnt a great deal about the challenges survivors face while acting in and producing the project. “On a much deeper level, hopefully we will be able to challenge the notion of what beauty is, or the way weve been conditioned to understand beauty, ” she says. “I think what they want is to not be treated as anything less than any of us. ” Write to Suyin Haynes at.
Deepika d your doing so well you deserve everything in the world I love you so much you're my role model love you we need a world of people like you of love from Nepal. Films based on social issues or even women's issues for that matter aren't new to Bollywood. They've been existing since the inception of Hindi cinema with films like Achhut Kanya and have found a special place in the hearts of Hindi movie-buffs with gems like Mirch Masala, Chandni Bar and Mrityudand. However, very few of those gems glitter enough like Mother India, Damini, Queen, Mardaani and Pink to bridge the gap between the mainstream audience and hardcore film-buffs. In fact, only Mother Indian and Damini among these managed to compete with the biggest massy films of their time on the strength of footfalls alone, leave along their quality. So, where does Chhapaak fall as the newest entrant in this list? Let's find out. Scroll down to read our Chhapaak movie review. What's it about The trailer made it pretty evident that the Chhapaak movie tells the harrowing real-life tale of acid-attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal (name changed to Malti) played by Deepika Padukone. We're taken through the actual incident, its aftermath, the years of uphill battle faced by Malti and other victims like her to bring about change as well as the events leading to the fateful event when her life was put through hell. What's hot Meghna Gulzar's direction is again on point with Chhapaak throwing up several moments how we, as a society, keep failing our victims instead of their perpetrators. Several subtle instance of a glance here or a comment there or a reaction out of nowhere make us sit up and take notice of how we're responsible for not ending a victim's trauma. This is all down to Meghna's vice-like grip over her craft as a filmmaker. She's helped by some solid editing by Nitin Baid as also by Malay Prakash's simplistic yet assured camerawork. Vikrant Massey, Madhurjeet Sarghi, Rohit Sukhwami and Devas Dixit shine among the cast members who bring the distressing albeit topical story to life. What's not While Meghna is as good as she's ever been as a Director, she (along with cowriter Atika Chohan) misses the mark at several instances as a writer (the dialogues are good through. The script is strictly and surprisingly by-the-numbers stuff (something you'd never have expected from the maker of Talvar and Raazi) and Chhapaak's screenplay's graph is pretty uneven at several key junctures, not to mention the pacing issue in the first half and lack of back story of Malti's perp. Deepika Padukone, too, despite doing an earnest job of a tough role for the most part, misses the bus when she needed to be right on money at certain during certain intense sequences. Together, these factors dilute the impact of the film somewhat ? you like what you see, you applaud the intent, but all along, you feel that there could've been something more. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy also let you down with both their songs and background score. BL Verdict Chhapaak serves as a necessary, if not great watch. You leave the theatre feeling that you've been dished out a decent film on a pertinent subject that had the potential to be better. I'm going with 3 out of 5 stars. Rating: 3 out of 5.
Chhapaak U/A: Drama Director: Meghna Gulzar Cast: Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey, Madhurjeet Sarghi Rating: Any other filmmaker who would have made a film on the acid-attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal would have titled his/her film on her moniker, or would have called it Malti, the name of the protagonist in the film. But Meghna Gulzar and her father, Gulzar, the legend he is, title the film Chhapaak, which signifies the sound of splash. Ever since the movie has been announced, the number of people who know about the horrific and heinous attack Agarwal went through has?increased, but not many understood the significance of the name, including me. A lot of us were like, “Hey, we know what Chhapaak is about, but what does the title mean? ” Is there anyone who can come up with such a poetic name? And how dare anyone think Gulzar would settle for something too obvious or mundane? Check out the trailer here: Coming to the film, Meghna Gulzar once again establishes why shes one of the most dignified voices we have in the fraternity today. She takes subjects that are relevant and prevalent and infuses them with restrain. Filhaal was about surrogacy, Talvar was based on a much-publicised murder case, Raazi was a spy-thriller, and Chhapaak is about the aftermath of acid attacks. But the filmmaker treats all her narratives with a delicate touch. Its not just about naming the films, even when it comes to the stories, any other filmmaker would have amped up the plot, added his melodramatic touches, and made them into an absolute overblown mess. But shes fortunately not one of them. Her characters feel real, particularly that of Vikrant Massey, who plays Amol, a young journalist driven by the desire to deliver justice to all the acid attack survivors. And at the centre, of course, is Deepika Padukone. She opts for a bold part and decides not only to act in it but also produce it. There are some finely filmed scenes between her Malti and Amol, layered with the kind of niceness we saw in the romance in Raazi and Filhaal. But very similar to Talvar, the film jolts as much as it comforts. A theme as horrific as acid-attacks needs special care and caution, and Gulzar succeeds in keeping the mood of her drama rousing and real both, as stated above. Chhapaak also gives us the most shocking finale at the movies in years. Gulzar and her team turn the adage expect the unexpected on our heads. You have a smile on your face, and then suddenly... Catch up on all the latest entertainment news and gossip here. Also download the new mid-day Android and iOS apps to get latest updates.
Khaali gunda gardi hai. Deepika Padukone Actor Deepika Padukone, born 5 January 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an Indian model & Actress. She is the daughter of former badminton Champion Prakash Padukone. Her mother tongue is Konkani. Deepika has a younger sister named Anisha. She has been modeling appearances in print and television advertising campaigns for Liril, Close-Up toothpaste and Limca, receiving many prestigious modeling offers, including brand ambassadorship of the Jewels of India, an annual jewelery exhibition. She hit the international scene when Maybelline made her their new international cover-girl face. At the fifth annual Kingfisher Fashion Awards, for Indian models and designers, she was awarded the title of Model of the Year. Shortly after wards, she was chosen as one of the models for the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar for 2006, thus cementing her reputation as a supermodel. She also bagged two trophies at the Idea Zee F Awards in 2006 - female Model of the year (Commercial Assignments) and Fresh Face of the year. More.
YouTube. Deepika mam is soooo to mam Kapil Sharma show pr b kya hoga can't imagine???????. Learn more More Like This Action, Biography Drama 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8. 4 / 10 X Tanhaji Malusare, a military chieftain in the army of the Maratha king Shivaji, leads the charge to capture the strategically important Kondhana fort guarded by the army of the fierce Rajput chieftain Udaybhan Rathod. Director: Om Raut Stars: Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol Comedy 7. 6 / 10 Two couples with the same surnames pursue in-vitro fertilization and wait for their upcoming babies. Trouble ensues when they find that the sperms of each couple have been mixed with each other. Raj Mehta Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh Crime 7. 7 / 10 Shivani Shivaji Roy is back and this time she's on the trail of a 21 year old merciless villain who targets women. Gopi Puthran Rani Mukerji, Vishal Jethwa, Shruti Bapna 8. 2 / 10 In the rural heartlands of India, an upright police officer sets out on a crusade against violent caste-based crimes and discrimination. Anubhav Sinha Ayushmann Khurrana, Nassar, Manoj Pahwa 6. 7 / 10 One family member tries to help her own family which are trapped in a dark controversy. Taapsee Pannu, Rishi Kapoor, Prateik Romance Panga is inspired from the life of a national level Kabbadi player from India. It follows her triumphs, struggle and overcoming of stereotypes. It shows how important the love and support of your family is for you to be successful. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari Kangana Ranaut, Jassie Gill, Richa Chadha 8. 1 / 10 Following a group of friends from university as they progress into middle-age life and go their own separate ways. Nitesh Tiwari Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma 4. 3 / 10 Two friends with very different ideals start a beauty company together. One is more practical while the other wants to earn her fortune and live a lavish lifestyle. Miguel Arteta Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Coolidge History 7 / 10 Set in medieval Rajasthan, Queen Padmavati is married to a noble king and they live in a prosperous fortress with their subjects until an ambitious Sultan hears of Padmavati's beauty and forms an obsessive love for the Queen of Mewar. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor A group of small-town young men run a lucrative phishing operation, until a corrupt politician wants in on their scheme. and a cop wants to fight it. Amit Sial, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Aksha Pardasany Based on life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna. Vikas Bahl Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, Nandish Singh 3. 9 / 10 A coming-of-age story based on the lives of street dancers. Remo D'Souza Varun Dhawan, Prabhu Deva Edit Storyline The trials and triumphs of Malti, an acid attack survivor. From the investigation of the attack to the court proceedings, the medical treatment to the emotional healing. Chhapaak is the story of the unquashable human spirit. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 10 January 2020 (USA) See more ?? Box Office Opening Weekend USA: 316, 781, 12 January 2020 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: 922, 902 See more on IMDbPro ?? Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs ?? Did You Know? Trivia new pension scheme for Acid Attack Survivor was announced by Uttrakhand state after the films release. See more ? Frequently Asked Questions See more ? Check out the Indian movies with the highest ratings from IMDb users, as well as the movies that are trending in real time.
It's already told story in Indian malayalam film industry film name UYARE.

Chhapaak New Movie download ? Jesa ki aap sabhi ko pata hi chal chuka hoga Deepika padukon ki new movies chhapaak ka trailor release kar dea gya hai. Me aj apko chhapaak movie 2019 se related kuch baat batunga jis se apko Deepika padukone ki new movies chhapaak ke bare me kuch aur nayi baate pata lagegi. Chhapak New Movie download Mene apni last post me Kuch movies download piracy websites bolly4u aur downloadhub ke bare me bataya tha ummed hai apko ye article jaroor pasand aya hoga. To chelea ab chhapaak New released movie ke bare me baat karte hai. Sbse phele me apko bata deta hu ki ye movies ek real based story per banayi gayi hai. Jo ek laxhmi agarwal ji ke face par acid dalne ke karan unka face kharab ho jata hai. Jiske karan unhe logo ki baate we tane aadi sun ne padte hau. Aur jis se wo fir bhi struggle karti rehti hai. Isi ko chhapaak movies dwara darshaya gaya hai. Ye movies ek rea based story par aadharit hai jisko Deepika padukon ne bakhoobi nibhyaya hai. Apne is movies ka trailer to dekha hi hoga. Agar abhi tak nhi dekha to aap is movie ka trailor bhi dekh sakte hai. Chhapaak movie storyline Ap sabhi ko ye sun kar bhaut hi accha lagega ki hamari Bollywood industry aj ke time me bhaut hi acchi achi movies ko bana rhi hai jisme chhapaak bhi ek bhetreen movie me hai. Aur me apko chhapaak 2019 movies ki storyline ke bare me bataunga. To chaliye shuru karte hai. Ye chhapaak movies ek acid attack se pidit ladki laxmi agarwal ki hai. Jin par kuch logo ne acid dal dea tha aur unka pura face kharab ho gya tha. Is story ko ek movies look me Deepika padukon ne prastoot kiya hai. Aur inka trailer per 25 million+ logo dwara dekha ja chuka hai. Ye kahani sirf ek hi ladki ki nhi balko hazaro ladki ki jinpe acid attack ho jata hai. Aur fir bhi wo apni life me aage bhadna chahti hai. Jo apni life me kuch na kuch karna chati hai aur kuch achievement ko hasil karna chahta hai. Chhapaak movie me kuch aisa hi dikhaya gaya hai. Jesa ki mene suru me hi bata dea tha ye movies me main role Deepika padukon ka hai jo ki malti name se is play ko nibha rahi hai. Aur inke sath sath vikrant massey jo ki anmol name se inka sath de rhe hai. Ye dono ke sath sath is movie me apko rohit sukhwani bhi nazar Ayenge. Is movies ko meghna gulzar dwara directed kiya hai. Aur fox star dwara produce kiya gaya hai. Aur iske sath sath is movies ki story akita Chohan and megna gulzar dwara likhi gayi hai. Directed by-Meghna Gulzar Produced by-Fox Star Studios, Deepika Padukone, Govind Singh Sandhu, Meghna Gulzar Written by-Atika Chohan, Meghna Gulzar(dialogue) Screenplay by-Atika Chohan, Meghna Gulzar Starring-Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey Music by-Shankar?Ehsaan?Loy Cinematography-Malay Prakash Edited by-Nitin Baid Production company-Fox Star Studios, KA Productions, Mriga Films Distributed by-Fox Star Studios Release date -10 January 2020 Country-India Language-Hindi Ab dosto ki movie ki released date ke bare me baat kar lete hai. To dosto ye movie 10 January 2010 ko release hogi. Wese is movie ka trailer December 2019 ko hi released ho gya hai. Last words To dosto ummed hai apko chhapaak new movie ka ye article accha laga agar apko ye article accha laga ho to please apne dosto ke sath share jaroor kare. chhapaak movies ke bare me apko kuch extra knowledge bhi mili hogi. Agar apko ye sab phadna acha lagta hai to aap hamara blog chalu baba visit karte rha kare me apne blog par eese hi articles dalta rehta hu.
16:13 in! And im with Rick. They have chosen to not be victims, but chosen to be victorious. The moral value and traditional value of Indias getting higher day by day. ache din aa gye HINDUSTAN tere. Chhapaak free download. U Nice ? Heart thaching Yar Champak. Deepika ki Chhapaak ? Kangana ki Panga ? Dhoom machayega ????. 2, 003 total views Info Playlist Chat Poll views Chapters Highlights Thank you for taking our poll! Sorry, the poll has ended 2 videos ( 12854. 272) ?720p?HD~CHHAPAAK FULL 「MOVIE 【2020】ONLINE January 14, 2020 ?「♯WATCH CHHAPAAK~ 2020?【FULL「MOVIE】 `720p?HD Videos Playlists About Privacy Search for videos Cancel of Featured videos ?720p?HD【CHHAPAAK】 FULL?「MOVIE [?2020] OFF AIR ?「♯WATCH CHHAPAAK~ 2020?【FULL「MOVIE】 `720p?HD 2 weeks ago 1, 549 views ?720p?HD~CHHAPAAK FULL 「MOVIE 【2020】ONLINE 454 views All videos 2 videos Playlist ( 12854. 272) P L A Y CHHAPAAK] ???. qxewv] No privacy policy was made available to date...
?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?????. Chhapaak trailer free download. Home / Bollywood / Chhapaak: Deepika Padukone transforms into acid attack survivor in first look from Meghna Gulzar film. See it here Actor Deepika Padukone has shared her first look from her upcoming film, Chhapaak. The actor plays acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal in the film, currently being shot under the direction of Raazis Meghna Gulzar. Deepika appears to be in full prosthetic makeup in the image, which shows her in an artistic pose that highlights the scars and burns on her characters face. In addition to revealing the first look, Deepika announced that filming on the project will commence today. Chhapaak will be released on January 10, 2020. Meghna had previously teased that fans can expect to see a completely new Deepika in the film. “You wont be seeing Deepika, you know. You will be seeing a disfigured Deepika, ” the filmmaker said at a Chennai event. “There is an uncanny similarity between the survivor and Deepika. ” Laxmi has expressed her approval of Deepika being cast in the role. Speaking with Hindustan Times, she had said, “I am so happy that Deepika is playing the role. I have no right to judge her. How can I judge someone for something which I cant do. She has played wonderful characters on screen and I believe she will give her best. ” The actor had recently shared a behind-the-scenes image from a table read session from the film, which also showed her co-actor, Vikrant Massey, in a bearded look. “All things are ready, if our mind be so, ” Deepika quoted William Shakespeare in the caption. Also read:? Chhapaak actors Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey seen together for time in new pic from films sets. See here Calling Chhapaak an ‘important film, the actor had said at the recent Zee Cine Awards, “Its so ironic that on the day of Holi, I am off to Delhi for the shooting of Chapaak. We will start shooting it on Monday. Its a very important film and I feel that the story which we are showcasing in our film needs to be told. ” Chhapaak is Deepikas first film since the massive Padmaavat. Vikrant recently appeared in Amazon Prime Videos gangster drama Mirzapur, and delivered an acclaimed performance in Konkona Sen Sharmas A Death in the Gunj. Follow @htshowbiz for more.
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