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Writers - David Lynch
audience score - 117700 votes
genres - Adventure
6,7 of 10
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Someone had told me there was a religious undertone to "Dune. Something to do with the whole messiah and the saving of the world. With this in mind I'd figured I'd watch the film, then if I felt the same way I could write a review on it for a pointless university module on religion in film. Ultimately though, the film not only failed to live up to any religious usage, but to me it failed to live up to any sort of expectation. In "Dune" two houses, the House of Atreides and the House of Harkonnen are sworn enemies when the Atreides are sent to the Dune planet to oversee mining of a precious spice. This spice is an addictive magical substance which would turn it's users eye's blue overtime. The son of the Duke, Paul, is questioned throughout as being "the one" or "the legend" and eventually it is Paul who recovers from a family disaster to save the universe and discover the secret of the spice. I'd expected so much from this film, perhaps that was the problem. A few years ago I'd seen parts of it and felt it was quite good. Added to this was my intense enjoyment of the computer game sequel, and therefore a thorough knowledge of the main sides in the war and their key members. The problem is though that "Dune" is just far too slow. With such a superb cast (Francesca Annis, Patrick Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Brad Dourif, Kyle MacLachlan and others) it had potential, as it did with certain graphics which were equally impressive. The language as well is at times amazing, mainly in the way it feels almost like a Shakespearean performance. Despite the casting, graphics and language however, the film is far too complicated and dull to really impress. For the first hour it has potential and grasps the attention, however after the first major battle, it just seems to slink into confusion as Paul Atreides moves from genius prince through to nomad messiah. Added to this the misusage of the novel idea of hearing major characters thoughts and the film feels slightly disappointing. David Lynch as a director has done some amazing work over the years ( The Elephant Man" and "Mulholland Drive" to name two) but in "Dune" he makes a miscalculation. I have no doubt that a lot of people are right and that the book itself is amazing, but the film itself just drags too much and fails to keep an audiences attention. It's a shame really as there was great potential here.
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