Call Me by Your Name キFilmyanjuサ

Year 2017 / France / ratings 8,1 / 10 Star / genres Drama, Romance / 187942 votes / writed by James Ivory
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I feel like this wouldve worked better near the beginning just after they first kissed also the whole thing with his girlfriend shouldve ended the moment he kissed Oliver I hated that he still had sex with her later. This film is a spell, it pulls you in, further and further deep. Thinking back to the father's monologue, doesn't that tell us about the great obstacle to Elio's desire and love for Oliver? How his father recommended not to tear that kind of feeling from his heart, instead nurture it. For that matter, Elio was faced with to speak or to die, and then to admit to Oliver not knowing about the things that matter. And then their 6 short weeks together was an obstacle. I'm afraid the review is looking for some kind of punishment on these two for loving each other, but that isn't the kind of obstacle the story included. I recommend buying the audio book to better understand that. It is amazing.
One of my favorite movies ever and I'm 60. I wept with gratitude for the courage and sacrifice the British made that was indispensable to the defeat of the Nazi's. We owe so much to them for resisting with such complete commitment. War movie thats pg13 smh. When theyre interviewed together Timothée is all cool but when hes in an interview by himself hes all giddy and nervous. I love how comfortable they are with each other and how great their friendship is.
Armie: “theres no wife they have to tell” Me: WELL THERE WASNT UNTIL YOU HAD TO DESTROY ELIOS HEART AND GET ENGAGED. Because I wanted you to know. Kra li be shamkha review. The director is amazing. ? ? ? ? ?. Just walking away when they kissed. Hilarious. Kali deshmukh instagram. This is really cool that you can rent movies from YouTube now. ?YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix, probably some of the greatest innovations of this century. This is my favorite scene of the film just so purely romantic... Kali deshmukh facebook. Elio Elio Elio Elio. Oliver? I waiting for find me but italy is not available damn it covid19.
You know I'm not going anywhere. oh god ??. I am tired of gay movies having tragedies. this movie was a refreshing change. You know the only reason im watching this is for harry. What struck me about this movie the most was how deeply I could relate to the story presented. Two of my greatest relations. The first one when I was about 12 and the Internet wasn't that much of a deal. The girl was slightly older and we experienced our first ever love during a summer camp. We parted for obvious reasons and never talked again. I mean, I found her on facebook years later only to realise she's turned to be a completely different person as she became an adult. The second one, my longest, I visited my then-only-friend for 2 days in a foreign country and we experienced all one can experience during 2 days of sudden, striking romance. I cried the same way Elio does, glued into the window of the bus I took home, 19 hours ride. This time, the ending was bittersweet since I visited him again, then he visited me, always during summer, for a month or two, we had the best time of our lives. Not longer together, but best friends till today we went to the cinema the same day to see this movie, two countries apart from each other. When he left the cinema, the text he sent me said: I know. I was Elio, too. I love you. Cherish what you have while you have it. That's all I try to do, to still be able to cry when I'm 30.
10:23 LOLLL ARMIE HAHAHAHA. Logan was my favorite movie of 2017. But I'm glad James Ivory won this. That monologue at the end was fantastic. Hopefully this won't be the last time the Academy recognized comic book films because they deserve so much more attention. Kali deshmukh fb. I haven't even seen this movie. But the way he says Elio. My heart ?. The amount of jean present in this interview is truly phenomenal. I didn't watch this yet but I ordered it on Amazon should be here Wednesday. It was a blind buy so I hope it's really good. I think they developed something more then just a friendship during filming. This scene and the nosebleed scene are my favouite. Michael Stuhlbarg - advice to son. Timothée Chalamet - final scene to fade out. Nothing better in filmmaking this year. A tremendous achievement.
Kra li be'shikha. James Ivory, you are such an inspiration to everyone. You have totally deserved this Oscar, and I wish you good health and more success in the future, a true cinematic legend. Stunning movie. Ive seen it 4 times. Its a movie that hangs on to you and wont let go. You nailed in that you feel as if you are present and privileged to see into the dynamics of their relationship. I thought the same thing about the flies... I think it was partially the realism of the locale but more so a nod to the fleeting moments between the two or even a nod to the fact the we, the audience, were the flies. Acting was superb. Hammer and Chalamet are breathtaking in their roles. Watch the press videos of them together and you can see the chemistry off screen. Both have said that this movie changed them for the better.
?????? Armie talking about his big summer romance is making me cry. Armie seemed so disappointed when it wasn't fan art of him and Timmy ?. Yesss Armie for a DC hero plsss. That Green Lantern is perfect for him.

Lets take a moment to appreciate how thoughtful and understanding Elios parents are. Theyve never been anything if not supportive of Elio, Oliver, and everybody around them. Cant even describe how good the movie is. Should have won all the oscars. The fact that this is one take is incredible! Amazing scene from an amazing film. This film makes me want to spend an entire summer somewhere in Italy. Spending days lounging by the pool, sitting on the grass, having a drink at some local Italian bar, sleeping in the hazy afternoon, eating outside, falling in love, having sex all day and all night. I honestly could go on.
This reminded me of the scene between Captain Von Trapp and Maria when they are about to profess their love for one another and then proceed to sing Something Good, same dreamy scenario. I don't know if subconsciously, Luca is alluding this scene to that scene in The Sound of Music.

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