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Directors: Anthony Russo / user ratings: 9,2 / 10 stars / Year: 2019 / rating: 705069 vote / &ref(,0,182,268_AL_.jpg) / Writer: Christopher Markus
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Å?ä??è??è??ç??4ï??ç??å?ä??æ?? download free. ?ؼ?4?Ƿ? download. ?ؼ?4?Ƿ? download free. Given how many series there have been in the last 20 years or so, and how many of them were able to end their series in a profound way, such sublime conclusions are few and far between. Honestly, I haven't seen a better ending to a series since Return of the King (extended version, of course. which for me, is the best trilogy of all-time.
Here, we're dealing with a 22-movie story arc, which plays out almost like a miniseries on Netflix. The movies have ranged from exceptional to good to just okay. What's remarkable is how Marvel/Disney were able to map out this massive story arc so that everything worked cohesively, for the most part. Avengers Infinity War was very good, but when you add this film to it, it's solid epicness across the board! Essentially, you now have a 5 and a half hour finale that doesn't disappoint. Frankly, this entry exceeded my expectations, and I was afraid that my expectations would be too high. I'm sure glad I was wrong! As with nearly all of the films in the series, there are plenty of tongue-and-cheek moments, serious moments, etc. But this movie probably delved more deeply into the heart than any that came before it. With a 22-series story, you become invested in these characters. And the writers gambled (and won! that they had done a good enough job to get the reactions that they'd hoped for from the audience. I'm currently living and working in Taiwan. They aren't as emotionally expressive as other cultures. But even in this theater, there were some claps, some cheers, and plenty of sniffles when the time came. Personally, Infinity War + Endgame make this the best film of the series. And it should be. In most series, the writers aren't able to come up with something that is as good as what they'd already done. With Endgame, they definitely saved the best for last! But now, you're left wondering how anything that comes after can be as good as this. The writers have set the bar very, very high. And I'm so happy that they did! All series, that are as good as this one has been (for the most part) should have an ending like this one. Except that now, it's like aiming for the moon.
Å?ä??è??è??ç??4ï??ç??å?ä??æ?? download download. The movie gave us everything we wanted... No doubt, this is the best movie of the century. Å?ä??è??è??ç??4ï??ç??å?ä??æ?? download pdf. I would say that infinity war is better but that's only because this movie was overhyped for me.
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