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MACTOOLS) with a valid credit card number All Returns should include: A list of the tools that you are returning.. All repairs require a valid credit card number before an estimate is completed Instructions to Send in a tool for repair Contact Mac Tools (800.. Update Readme W Build Instructions For Mac 2017Approval will be required before your tool is sent to one of these vendors.. Mac Tools will pay for shipping back to you for all Warranty and Non warranty Repairs.. (Items cannot be returned to a PO Box, please include a physical address ) A description of the problem you are having with the tool.. If you do not have a distributor servicing your shop you can send items directly to Mac Tools for repair.. MACTOOLS) to determine if your tool qualifies for warranty repair Non-Warranty Repair Guaranteed Repair Rates have been established for most tools.. Estimates require that the tool is sent into our Repair Center for a thorough evaluation.. Warranty Repair Mac Tools will repair your tool to the manufacturers specifications.. On occasion, your tool may be replaced and the original tool will not be returned to you.. Update Readme W Build Instructions For Mac Free Warranty Repairs require a copy of the bill of sale or a warranty card on file Contact Mac Tools(800.. Guaranteed Repair pricing can be obtained by calling 800 MACTOOLS Guaranteed Repair Rates ensure that your tool is completely disassembled, evaluated, worn parts are replaced, and it is repaired and tested to manufacturers specifications.. If your tool is not on our Guaranteed Repair Rate list, Mac Tools will provide a cost estimate to repair your tool.. Update Readme W Build Instructions For Mac FreeUpdate Readme W Build Instructions For Mac 2017Mac Tools operates a world class repair center for repairing air tools and some electronic tools.. Some tools must be sent to an authorized Mac Tools vendor for repair These vendors may charge an inspection fee for tools returned unrepaired.. (Use item numbers or a description of the tool ) Your Name, Address, e-mail and Phone Number.. Send to: Mac Tools Attn: Repair Center 4380 Old Roberts Road Columbus, OH 43228.. Zip rar archiver for mac For air tools: DO NOT send in any accessories including air nipples and boots For electronic equipment: All components must be sent in to diagnose the problem including batteries, cables and all attachments. 34bbb28f04 pirati sa kariba 1 ceo film sa prevodom na srpski 19,≪潟鴻帥若吾若鴻若若-綣蚊若2≪c若激с潟潟若









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