Minecraft Scp Texture Pack
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Minecraft Scp Texture Pack

The resourcepacks folder will open, copy the archive there Wood SwordThe first keyblade inserted in the texture replaces the wooden sword with the Wooden Keyblade, made of earth.. Diamond Sword The fifth keyblade inserted in the texture replaces the diamond sword with the Star Light Keyblade.. The keyblades inserted in this texture are: Kingdom Key, Kingdom Key D, Keyblade of Heart, Metal chocobo, Star Light and Wooden Keyblade.. Iron Sword The third keyblade inserted in the texture replaces the iron sword with the beloved Kingdom Key.. Note: If you want to use this texture pack to record videos, please ask that at least put the original link posting on MCPE to motivate me to create more textures pack to the Community Bedrock.. Jan 25, 2019 Scp Contaiment Breach Texture Pack Minecraft Minecraft - SCP 178-1: THE HIDDEN MONSTER! (SCP CONTAINMENT BREACH) - Duration: 16:50.. Enjoy!Keyblades Texture PackBrowse and download Minecraft Scp Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community.. Gold Sword The fourth keyblade inserted in the texture replaces the golden sword with the beloved Kingdom Key D.. Stone Sword The second keyblade inserted in the texture replaces the stone sword with the Metal Chocobo Keyblade.. It also has working redstone SCP-294 (only works with Quarters from the 2004-SCP Addon resource pack) and SCP-914 (only works with Keycards and SCP-500 from the 2004-SCP Addon resource pack, and only one item at a time).. TheAtlanticCraft Recommended for you Mar 06, 2019 How to install SCP:Contaiment Breach texture pack.. Theres more full exterior, lots of redstone, a working Tesla gate system, a working site lockdown system, and most importantly, a working warhead system, which if activated will blow up the whole facility.. It is very big and includes almost all the rooms found in SCP Containment BreachTHIS MAP IS NOT MADE BY METhis map is a roleplay intended recreation of the facility from SCP CB.. Make sure you have Optifine installed and working correctly Download the texture pack and leave it archived.. This map is inspired by SCP: SECRET LABORATORY and SCP: CONTAINMENT BREACH Of course you can play multiplayer and also use it to play alone.. Are you a fan of kingdom hearts and find the keyblades the best? This texture pack turns minecraft swords into similar keyblades.. Only the texture of the swords in Minecraft has been changed Its attributes and effects remain the same.. Netherite Sword The last keyblade inserted in the texture replaces the netherite sword with the Keyblade of Heart.. Launch Minecraft, go to Settings In the Resource Packs section, select Open resource pack folder.. Tell me your opinion and tips for additions or improvements !!!Thank you for downloading this add-on!!!The Scp Breach is a big facility with dangerous anomalies. ae05505a44 vivax<若с12,Billu720p祉潟若









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