Bubblegum Crisis Torrents
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Bubblegum Crisis Torrents

We do this by having two simple rules The first one is: 50% of the amount raised gets used for actual production expenses.. Some of that will be needed to produce more sets, of course, but how does the remainder get spent?A fancier package? A bonus commemorative item? Spanish subtitles? Klingon subtitles? Flying over to Japan to record interviews with the original creators? You come up with the ideas.. We'll figure out if they are feasible and how much they'll cost And then everyone will get to vote on how the budget gets allocated.. This classic 8-episode OVA series was created by a who's-who of the Anime world, featuring character designs by (Riding Bean, Gunsmith Cats, Gall Force), production design by (Appleseed, Full Metal Alchemist, Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013)), direction by (Armitage III), (Detonator Orgun), Fumihiko Takayama (Patlabor III), Jun Okada, (Oh My Goddess!), music by Kooji Makaino (Oh My Goddess!), and mechanical designs by Sonoda, Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma (Detonator Orgun).. By this we mean all out-of-pocket expenses such as materials acquisition, mastering, replication, printing, shipping, etc.. Previous Challenge: If the KickStarter exceeds $130k, I will personally pay for the mastering of a 3rd BD50 disc, should the Backers decide to use some of the excess budget that way.. We rather unimaginately call this 'CrowdProduction' We don't want you to be passive consumers, but active producers.. Note: KickStarter doesn't display the video in full resolution, so I've -- you can watch in 720p or download a 1080p version! Now that the KickStarter has met our goal, we have added the option of for those of you who cannot sign up using the normal KickStarter process.. You will get to contribute to the actual project, and vote on how the budget gets spent.. Our goal is $75,000 Let's say we actually get funded for $100,000 That means there is an extra $11,250 in the production budget (I'm rounding up the KickStarter/Amazon fees to 10% in this example).. Anyone who follows the foreign-film business knows that changes in the Anime market over the last decade has made life much more risky for releasers, and the result has been that small companies like ours have to be very conservative in our licensing decisions, especially when it comes to niche titles (which are the ones we like the most!) This means that there are a ton of projects we'd like to work on that we can't economically justify because we can't properly estimate the risks and rewards.. , plus a flat $7,500 production fee to cover the cost of our time (very conservative estimate: 500-900 man/hours).. The end result is that the final product you receive will have much more real value in it than if we released the title in the traditional manner.. The second rule is: You're the patrons making this project possible, so you decide how the budget is spent.. Challenge met with 72 hours to go Was one of the first titles released over 20 years ago.. We could simply just release it like most of the dozens of Anime and live-action films we've inflicted upon an unsuspecting North America over the years, but we want to do something more ambitious -- we want to use it to test a new model for releasing films.. Current Challenge: if the KickStarter exceeds $160k, I will personally pay for the authoring of a 3rd BD50 disc, should the Backers decide to use some of the excess budget that way.. Which makes us feel like this Doing this project as a Kickstarter lets us totally avoid this problem, and precisely tailor the project to your specifications.. Robert J Woodhead is raising funds for Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set on Kickstarter! The groundbreaking anime series, subtitled in English and French.. The other 50% will be divided between AnimEigo and our Japanese licensor KickStarter fundraising expenses, including the out-of-pocket cost of providing special bonus rewards, come off the top, before the 50/50 split is made. 773a7aa168 solucionarioestadisticamatematicaconaplicacioneswackerlyrapidshare,HD潟ゃ潟若ゃ種GUPT鐚1997鐚-Blu-Ray- 720p- mHD- x26鐚









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