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  5. Noah Hawley
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Is this based on the diaper wearing astronaut. After seeing this film and reading a lot of reviews for it on Imdb, I am a little surprised by the negative reaction to this film. I have to be honest, I think this film is actually quite good. in places almost great. shock horror. However I will say that I completely understand and respect why people don't like this because I can see where they are coming from. this film is far far from perfect, I do have my problems with it, but there were a few things that really genuinely impressed me!
Lets get the good stuff out the way first! Yes there is good stuff in this film. don't believe me, read on. Firstly I think that Noah Hawley has directed a beautiful looking film from start to finish, every scene is visually stunning on the eye. That is obviously helped by some incredible cinematography. The style of his directing I love the most is the changing in format on screen. the size of the picture changing every now and then to suit a particular scene or camera shot. I thought it was a nice refreshing and new angle on how to visually present something to an audience, something that definitely adds to the film. The other area of the film I love is the cast but obviously in particular Natalie Portman. little secret she is one of my favourite actors working today, just really like the projects she chooses and this one is no different. She has a really thick accent in the film, which must have taken months to achieve but it definitely pays off, because it adds to the authenticity of her performance. Thought she was tremendous in the role from start to finish showing the gradual demise and transformation in someone not coming to terms with sudden change in her life. She is constantly wrestling with the fact that she misses being in space and its something she has to get back to. nothing else matters in the her life, whatever the cost. Thought Portman was great throughout another one of her great performances to add to the list. if this film was received critically and audience wise. award nomination. br> Now as I've hinted at there are problems with this film. I'll have to admit that one of them biggest problems with the film is one that, after reading reviews, is generally agreed to be an issue. This film doesn't really have any cohesion in terms of a central story arc. its a bit messy, its as if the film is trying to pull the main character "Lucy" in five different directions at once. Its as if there were too many writers involved trying to tell there little side story in the overall film. There is the marriage storyline, mother storyline, astronaut storyline, affair storyline, niece storyline. put it this way there is a lot and none of them really have a satisfying conclusion. This leads me to my personal biggest fault with the film. the final act. what happened to the film. Its as if a new director was brought in to re-shoot the third act and completely changed the tone and mood of the film. what was with the runaway. potential murder of Jon Hamm. dressing up/disguise thing. What was any of that about. To me it just stuck out like a saw thumb, which was really disappointing because I was genuinely really enjoying the film, but that whole ending just lost me completely.(I know this film said "inspired by truly events" who knows how much is true or not? Overall though I'd say I did enjoy this film its not as bad as some people are making it out, but its not great either it does have its problems. 70% out of 100 a partly very well directed film with a great cast and one great performance from Natalie Portman but yes it is a little messy with a really bizarre third act and ending! But hey I'd give it a go and form your own opinion.
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This song has to be the best Beatles song made. It has everything the psychedelic trip was about. Listen to 2:00 onwards listen to the background sounds that is unheard off even today it has probably the best interpretation of a dream world in real life. What? We have Lucy in the sky but we don't have the Beatles. The H.264 video format has a very broad application range that covers all forms of digital compressed video from low bit-rate Internet streaming applications to HDTV broadcast and Digital Cinema applications with nearly lossless coding. I lived in San Francisco in 1967 during the so-called Summer of Love (what a joke) and the album Sgt. Peppers was so popular that you could literally hear it everywhere. On the radio, in cars, blasting our of peoples home sound systems, I mean everywhere. You really didn't need to buy the album, cus you couldn't go anywhere without hearing it.
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