Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Ya Disponible Para Su Descarga  @LOCOSDEL136


When Jobs gave this interview in 1995, he was still "two years away from retaking the Chief Executive role at Apple and beginning a run that would transform the .... Directed by Paul Sen. With Robert X. Cringely, Steve Jobs. A conversation with Steve Jobs as he was running NeXT, the company he had founded after leaving .... "A remarkable rediscovery - a candid look at the tech world's most successful leader." -Hugh Hart, Wired. About The Film. In this candid, in-depth interview with the .... Resurfacing, it is being presented in its entirety, providing a fascinating look at Jobs at a particularly interesting moment in his career, two years before he would go .... In 1995, Steve Jobs gave a 70 minute interview to Robert X. Cringley for a Public Broadcasting System television series, “Triumph of the Nerds.. Hoy nos hemos levantado con la triste noticia de que Steve Jobs, hasta ... Lost Interview ya Disponible para su Descarga / @LOCOSDEL136.. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview ya Disponible para su Descarga / @LOCOSDEL136. Jul 3. Publicado por LOCOSDEL136.ORG ... 10cd8655f0
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