Fanuc Arcmate 100Ic Manual
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Fanuc Arcmate 100Ic Manual

Additionally, signal processing output timing has been improved versus previous controllers - This expands the possible applications in automation systems that require a high level of positioning precision, such as laser applications.. After loading the part to be welded, ensuring robot was in home position, closing safety gatereseting faults safety curtain, switching machine to AUTO, turning teach pendant OFF, doing an Abort All to clear edited program, turning STEP WELD to green (so enabling them), have the program I am wanting to run on the teach pendant screen, pushing my green cycle start button.. I havent taught any programs using any other userframe nu mber Fanuc Arcmate 100Ic How To Even UseIm not sure how to even use a different userframe nu mber as I was only shown to use 0.. The robot only has 1 welding cell and 1 loading cell so its hooked up by hydraulic to spin on a turntable.. Thanks It should not be a big problem, if I were in your place I would review simple things like basic errors like the ipendant key, cell security, the program, or if the programs you call with the start button can only be called by PNS or if you can direct as you want to do.. I am not sure why in auto mode you would be experiencing something different then teach mode.. For those who would like to use the traditional version of the iPendant interface, FANUC has made this available for use on the new iPendant as well.. Nothing happens No fault Its like the button has no power to it This happened several times.. Is this not the correct way to use it Because this is the only userframe Ive ever used on any program so Im confused why my error would read incorrect userframe nu mber Ill attach a snip of my screen.. Can anyone explain what these faults mean also any suggestions on how I can get this machine to weld in AUTO mode would be greatly appreciated too.. My key is forsure in AUTO, pendant is OFF, safety curtains are cleared, and program I am wanting to run is present on the pendant.. The new user interface, iHMI, can display guides for setup and programming, as well as tutorials from the main home page which has a design common to FANUC CNCs, enabling easier use of robots.. Fanuc Arcmate 100Ic How To Even UseFANUCs new R-30iB Plus includes improved processing performance for both hardware and software, and shortened signal processing cycle.. However in teach stepping should be exactly the same as auto so that sort of rules it out.. One occasion I ended up getting a fault and this is what the fault was INTP-213 Robot Fault, SYST-034 HOLD signal from SOPUOP is lost, INTP 252 Userframe mismatch.. Is this possible Can you step through the program in teach mode successfully Top To Bottom Kevin.. With improvements in the user interface, setup of the vision system can be handled much more efficiently.. How can I look to see if there is a mismatch in userframe nu mbers It should tell you the UF and UT nu mber that the position was created with.. So after I hit the Abort all I click into the program Im wanting to run so it is displayed on the teach pendant.. The vision function has a new camera interface which increases four times the speed for transmitting images from the camera, and a simplified cable configuration. 773a7aa168 TigerV111≪激≪若,Sholay若若潟若Mp4









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