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Rambo V (putlocker9)

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Director: Adrian Grunberg
User Rating: 6,6 / 10 Stars
Sylvester Stallone
actor: Sylvester Stallone
Free Stream Rambo: la última misión. Free Stream Rambo: la última misionero.

I'm so sick of the all the Home Alone comparisons. He's a Vietnam veteran and used traps like the Vietcong did in that war. He probably lost many friends to traps like those. Also Rambo is an old man now and him fighting dozens of enemies just wouldn't be believable anymore. The plot is literally the same as Taken. Rambo doesn't even kill people in the original, that was one of the things I really liked about it. The story took a backseat but not significantly for me that I didn't care at all. I still cared about it enough to cheer as he murders people left and right. Great comeback after a long break in the rambo series and it only gets better definitely worth the wait.
Movie was entertaining throughout from the very first scene till last one you will not feel that movie is dragged. Rambo is now 60+ but the kind of effort Sylvester Stallone is giving to this character was amazing,he as an actor performed really very background or premises of this movie was not very large they kept it simple(or you can say easy or tested one) action scenes were brutal as well as chilling and they directed it pretty well there were less scope for drama but as much as drama portion was there actor did justice to it was tribute to the character Rambo go and watch this final installment of this franchise.
3.5 out of 5(one time must watch.
I didn't think this film was going to be good,but boy how wrong was I !
This is how u make an action movie ! Go and see it as sylvester Stallone has done it again.

Free Stream Rambo: la última ultima mision. Free Stream Rambo: la última missions. Free Stream Rambo: la última misioneros. Free Stream Rambo: la última misiones. Free Stream Rambo: la última mission. &ref(http://www.cinemacity.ba/upload/958_1_1_(1).jpg) Free Stream Rambo: la última mission locale.









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