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  1. Eli Roth
  2. synopsis In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a plan to assassinate Nazi leaders by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers coincides with a theatre owner's vengeful plans for the same
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  4. Ratings 8,9 / 10 Stars
  5. Quentin Tarantino
  6. Runtime 2Hour 33 min
?????????????? Free Download inglourious basterds. Free download inglourious basterds movie. Free download inglourious basterds trailer. Free download inglourious basterds in hindi. This film really should be called INDULGENT BASTARD. Sinking dread is a great suspense device in any film, that uneasy feeling of nervousness you get when the characters in whom you have invested some time and emotion get slightly trapped. However, in the tedious sequences in this indulgent serial killing schlock the suspense quickly evaporates and you get to just sit there until someone gets killed. And then, in this 150 minute film, Quentin kills them right before your eyes. You must pay attention because all the hypnotized media wannabees insist you wanna be 'cool' too, but for anyone watching with film with their own genuine heart, brain, and actual courage, well QT the emperor of cruelty has no clothes (again. Once, in older films when someone died it was a tragedy for the character and emotion evoked from the attentive audience. Like when Sonny was killed in The Godfather. Now-days thanks to QT, someone getting killed as cruelly and graphically as his blood-lust allows, it is actually akin what was, in a better film, the punchline of a joke or a song sequence in a musical. Now that he has teamed up with Jewish cinema hatemeister Eli Roth and decided to reboot THE WAR (something each is too young (in every way) to have experienced, they have simply created a Nazi pantomime that is an excuse to dress some out of work actors up as the Third Reich and then graphically kill and disgustingly scalp them right before your appalled eyes. And of course, the gorgeous women in this film get defiled humiliated and mercilessly killed in the most graphic close up QT's fevered misogynist hatred allows. So what's new about this episode of hatred? Well, it is well produced hatred, well photographed hatred and well decorated and designed hatred. Then in apocalyptic episode of bullet spraying hatred, it all burns up and disappears up the rectum of the history of over praised gimmick cinema. I do not care to see Eli Roth ever again, in film or in person, and I seriously wish the entire planet's inhabitants soon realize what a destructive influence he is on young minds. QT's desire to show human beings mercilessly mutilate each other is both unproductive in cinema and a one trick career that might just as easily burn out like the final few scenes in the climax of this pop comic drivel. There are laws against hate crimes and QT needs to have his career as chief hate dude consigned to the cutting room floor. The fact that people get killed in telling stories is one thing, but QT's films aren't just that, nor are they devices to tell a story, they are the whole story: the film exists to graphically show you as much hatred in the most gleeful way possible. And for that I condemn this rotten tedious stupid film.
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