Sacred Anger: Uncover the teachings of your most feared emotion
Seryna Myers

ISBN: 9781913479725 | 254 pages | 7 Mb


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Sacred Anger: Uncover the teachings of your most feared emotion Seryna Myers
Publisher: Seryna Myers

What if being angry isn't your problem? No matter who you are, or where you are in your life, there was a time when you've had a run-in with our darkest emotion. Anger is universal. As uncomfortable as it is, feeling anger isn't the problem; it's what we fail to learn from it that is. Sacred Anger is a journey with the feeling that most of us avoid whenever possible. It is an excavation of the sources, and experiences of anger, and our relationship to it. Seryna Myers guides you through her process that deepens your understanding of how you really feel, extracts the lessons from it, and then gives you the tools to let it go. You'll learn: How to identify how and why you feel the way you do. How to understand anger (and other uncomfortable emotions) and what they're here to teach. How to work with and learn from anger to support your life's journey. Seryna's fresh take on such a heavy topic makes the exploration of anger something that feels light and good for the soul. Her storytelling makes these conversations about anger feel like they're happening with a trusted friend. Sacred Anger takes a grounded approach to this work, examining every facet of this emotion, making your anger one of the most valuable tools in your spiritual and emotional arsenal.

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