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LSG: I consider Yoona a really good hoobae And I really wish everyone would please not have any misunderstanding about this.. com/watch?v=Fvct98fl_hYAugust 2009 Yoona sends a message to LSG and says she regrets having not picked Lee Seunggi over Song Seunghyun during her Ideal Type World Cup [ Champagne Cut ] (English Subbed)October 2009 Lee Seunggi Ideal Type World Cup Winner: Yoona [ Champagne Cut ] (English Subbed)November 2009 Fanmeeting: LSG is asked if hes dating Yoona, his response:http://lsgfan.. T [Fan] A song that should be on infinite reply, keke What song do you keep listening to whenever you have free time?[Yoona] Nowadays~ Epitone Project - Cactus, Byul - Cute, and now Seung Gi oppa's new album.. T[Fan] What are you listening to right now?[Yoona] Seunggi oppa'snew album! o_o All the songs are good/I like all the songs T.. @ 12:37 - 12:42 and @ 13:12 - 13:30November 2009 Seunggi is teased: Yoona is watchingDecember 2009 Yoona says she felt the happiest when LSG picked her as an Ideal Type [ SangSangPlus Cut ] (English Subbed)2010February 2010 Strong Heart Ep 18 & 19 Seunggi & Yoona Cuts (English Subbed)March 2010 Seunggi names Yoona & defends her [ 1N2D Cut ] (English Subbed)March 2010 Seunggi & Yoona win Popularity Award at Baeksang Awards (SNSD also performed RDR there)December 2010 Seunggi loses his smile when he sees Yoona crying at GDA2011May 2011 Lee Seunggi names Yoona his ideal type @20:37 [ Come To Play Cut ] (English Subbed)October 2011 Lee Seunggi and Yoona @0:13 smile and bow at each other [ 2011 Asia Song Festival ]November 2011 Strong Heart Ep 103 & 104 (Eng Subbed) November 2011 Lee Seunggi & Yoona smile at each other 1:33-1:36December 2011 Lee Seunggi meets Yoona again [ 1N2D Cut ] (English Subbed)December 2011[UFO REPLY] 2011.. wordpress com/2010/10/09/zipel-nov2010-fanmeet-plans-nov2009-fanmeet-videos/#more-13795During post-it Q and A.. When SY chose LSG, Yoona mentioned her was going to pick LSG but they cannot pick the same guy.. 12 10 [Fan] Please recommend songs to listen when you're bored [Yoona] Miss IU's U&I and Lee Seunggi oppa's Wherever~ (LISTEN HERE)December 2011 Lee Seunggi wins Daesang and Yoona MC's at KBS Entertainment Awards (SNSD performs The Boys)> LSG turns watching SNSD perform, he laughs at the fanchants around @0:16> LSG presents an award and stares at Yoona time to time @5:40 onwards in particular> LSG steals glances at Yoona when he wins Daesang with 1N2D crew (@3:50)December 2011 Seunggi & Yoona MC at 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun [ AND Perform Time To Love together ]2012November 2012 Lee Seunggi names Yoona as his ideal type again[Fan] It's so nice that unni has been recommending songs lately, kekeI'm looking forward to what other songs you would recommend.. October/November 2009 Strong Heart Cuts Ep 1, 4 & 5 (English Subbed) featuring Yoona October 2009 Yoona is mentioned on Strong Heart and Seunggi is teased by Kang Hodong!November 2009 Who Yoona would like to meet for an arranged blind date/meeting? [ SNSD Hello Baby EP 21 Cut ] (English Subbed)Gil was the guest dad and they played an honest game - which male celeb you'd like to meet for an arranged blind date/meeting.. Fan question: Are you dating Yoona? SooG teases him and says why cant you just say no, youre not?! LSG says he doesnt know what to say because when he says its not true, everyone freaks out and if he were to say it was true, they freak out even more.. )Part One: https://www youtube com/watch?v=n1C0AwOhZ3cPart Two: https://www youtube.. Hi everyone this will be the official YoonGi Fan Blog which is associated to YoonGi Fb Page BiographyName: 伎濠鍵 / Lee Seung Ki (Lee Seung Gi)Profession: Singer and actorBirthdate: 1987-Jan-13Birthplace: KoreaHeight: 182cmWeight: 70kgStar sign: CapricornEducation: Sang Gye High School, Dong Guk UniversitySkill: FencingHobbies: Listening to music and soccerName: れ / Im Yoon AhAlso known as: れ / YoonANicknames: Yoong / Deer / GoddessProfession: Singer, model and actressBirthdate: 1990-May-30Height: 166cmWeight: 44kgStar sign: GeminiBlood type: BTalent agency: SM EntertainmentEducation: Daeyoung High SchoolLanguages: Korean and MandarinKPOP group: SNSDOctober 2007 Lee Seunggi & Yoona [ Happy Shares Company Cut ] (English Subbed)November 2007 MKMF2008August 2008 Lee Seunggi meets Yoona [ 1N2D Cut ] (English Subbed)2009July 2009 Yoona's Ideal Type World Cup [ Champagne Cut ] (English Subbed)SDY asked 'Who do you want to date?' while she was thinking and she picked LSG.. SDY then said 'She wants to date LSG' and she smiled shyly and obviously happy @05:53 - 06:09 (Part One) & @08:35 - 09:09 (Part Two: She had to make a decision between LSG and SSH and said afterwards 'I really like LSG oppa'.. The last chapter of the novel was released on the same month YoonGi started dating which raised further suspicions that Yoona was the girl in mind - who was also an entertainer/in the same line of work as Seunggi in the novel.. The writer has said that the 'image' of the 'female protagonist' fits Yoona on her twitter account after the dating news was released.. 2012 11 30'Seunggi talked about his mini-album and working with Epitone Project, saying a fan gave him the CD as a gift 2 years ago.. See Also: Oh Yeon Seo And Lee Seung Gi Heat Things Up In 'Hwayugi' A source from Hook Entertainment responded to the reports and said, Lee Seung Gi did receive a casting offer for Vagabond prior to his appearance on Hwayugi.. [Yoona] I'm waiting for Seung Gi oppa's album It came up briefly on Running Man and it was so nice T.. On February 21, reports claimed that Lee Seung Gi has been cast for upcoming drama Vagabond (tentative title).. Then, another fan gave him the CD again 2 years later and LSG thought it would be good to listen Omg, WHO is this FAN
??!!!'During March 2013 - September 2013, Lee Seunggi released a special fiction novel in collaboration with the Japanese writer, Yoshimoto Banana called 'Shall We Date?'. 773a7aa168 managerialaccountingasiaglobaledition2epdfdownload,ゃゃ若若潟c取Hd1080p潟若Utorrent≧









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