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8,2 / 10 casts - Ossie Davis Genre - Drama Director - Spike Lee Writers - Spike Lee 1989
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Do the right thing ages and ages. Do the Right thingiverse. Do the right thing riot scene. So much passion. Do the right thing rudy pankow. Do the right thing cast. We all have stereotypes about other races! Period! But that doesnt mean we have the right to confront people and harass them. Do the right thing poster. Do the right thing.
Do the right thing radio raheem. Do the right thing wow quest. Now that is what I call MUSIC. Do the right thing cast members. Do the right thing streaming. Who would believe that Samuel L Jackson would be the voice of reason here. Do the Right Thing is Spike Lee's best movie, by a long shot, and the best film to address race in America. This is the movie that Crash wanted to be; it could not have missed the mark more completely.
On every level- visual aesthetic, acting, direction, pacing, etc.- this film succeeds. That it's also an immensely intelligent dissection of race in America (not just simply race in Bed-Stuy) elevates it above other well-made pictures about ethnic strife (I'm looking at you Grand Canyon. Why is this movie more intelligent than Crash? I would argue that, because it works on a smaller scale, it allows the characters to grow and seem more organic. Mookie, Radio Raheem, Buggin' Out, Da Mayor, and Mother Sister, among others, all seem like real, viable characters. We spend enough time with them over the course of the film's two hours to understand them and their motivations. When Ryan Phillippe shoots Larenz Tate at the end of Crash, it feels remarkably like a plot machination put there to make a point rather than a direction that the film should logically make. However, Mookie's choice to throw a garbage can through the window of Sal's restaurant makes complete and total sense given the events that have been occurring that day. It's an event caused by exhaustion and frustration; we understand why Mookie would do it even if we don't agree with him. We might understand Phillippe's actions in Crash (he thought Tate had a gun) but they seem a bit more unrealistic. That's the other wonderful thing about Do the Right Thing- its balancing of realistic characters with a color saturated and unreal Brooklyn neighborhood. Lee's direction and Ernest Dickerson's magnificent cinematography remind me for no tangible reason of Marvel Comics from the 1960s and 1970s. The world in which these characters operates seems a little unreal and that only heightens their naturalism. It's an amazing touch and one of which I am in awe. Then there's the acting. I cannot think of a single weak performance in this film; it's a wonderful ensemble. I've always been a particular fan of Danny Aiello's and Spike's performances and that makes sense- they carry the film. The supporting roles are filled with the likes of John Turturro and Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee and Richard Edson. It's also got a nice turn from Samuel L. Jackson as the Greek chorus/DJ. Do the Right Thing, though, would fail in spite of its realistic characters, performances, cinematography, and direction if it were not for a thematically ambiguous story. What is the right thing referred to in the title? To me the answer has always been no thing. Nobody in the film, really, does the right thing except, maybe Vito, Mother Sister, or Da Mayor, but that's questionable, as those characters don't actually do anything. Their inaction is just as much an indictment of their character as Mookie's throwing the garbage can, Buggin' Out's silly campaign, Radio Raheem's anger, the policeman's murdering Raheem, Sal's latent (and Vito's obvious) racism, etc. Or maybe those actions are the right thing? I don't think so, but I'm sure someone could make a convincing argument in support of Buggin' Out's boycott or Mookie's can-throwing. That's why this movie works- it's complicated and muddy. It's morally relativistic just like the world. Spike Lee has been often labeled as polemical, but he's anything but in this film. It's a film that's angry about the state of race in America but that's nevertheless willing to point the finger in all directions at once. That's a rare thing to see in cinema, and it's the rare thing Crash aspired to achieve only to fail.
Do the right thing images. Do the right thing soundtrack. Well, granted, this study was done during the great depression/dustbowl era. I wouldn't want to live here during the dustbowl either, lol.

18:40 look at the collective ecstacy of Romans

Do the right thing csfd. Do the Right thing you'll. Do the right thing full movie. Only thing Sal should've given Mookie is a bat to the head. He has a lot of nerves asking money from an employer whose business he helped destroy the night before and shows no sign of sympathy. He harps on about Radio Raheem's death even though Sal had nothing to do with, the fact is if he and the neighborhood really cared about RR then they would've intervened sooner but instead they watched him choke Sal, some even encouraging it and still wonder why the police were called. Do the right thing pizza. Do the right thing d/troit. Do the right thing movie. Do the right thing quotes.
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