New Vegas Zombie Mod
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They have a 20% chance to infect non-essential humans (aside from the player) when attacking.. 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled Type: Integer, Default value = 0 ZombieSymptomTime is the amount of time it takes (in seconds) for infection symptoms (frenzy and health loss) to kick in on an infected individual.. It does not affect already spawned zombies ZombieAmount controls how many zombies spawn at each spawn point.. Feb 15, 2011 fallout new vegas zombie mod - posted in New Vegas Mod Requests: hi guys i do not have the experience to make a mod so i would like to ask help from somone who is a good mod maker.. Oh man, wtf those really ARE invisible zombies I know how to find a specific placed npc for a specific mod in the GECK, but I don't really know how to do it in fnvedit, and going through one by one in the GECK would be painfully slow.. So by putting 2, you double the amount of zombies By putting 3, you triple the amount of zombies.. For installation and help setting up this mod, see more information Settings:Open the console and type (without the quotes):'Set X to Y'Best New Vegas ModsReplace X with a setting and replace Y with a value.. ZombieDifficulty controls the health and attack damage of zombies Values are 1 = medium, 2 = hard, 3 = insane, other = easy.. So if a human with 1,000 caps is infected and transformed, the zombie will be carrying 1,000 caps.. Type: Float, Default value = 20 0000 ZombieRespawnTime is the amount of time before a spawn point can spawn another zombie in seconds.. I think it would be a cool idea to make a zombie mod for fallout new vegas so plz relpy if ur interested.. If i do get someone who can make good mods i would like toadd new guns to the game of course add the new.. Type: Float, Default value = 90 0000 ZombieSymptomFrenzy is whether or not infected invdividuals will frenzy and attack everyone.. Fallout: New Vegas - Zombie Apocalypse ModEverywhere in the Mojave, there are now zombies.. If they die while infected, they will become a zombie When a human is turned into a zombie, the zombie retains the human's inventory.. The infected will be asymptomatic until up to a minute after infection, when they will frenzy and attack everything.. That said, a better way may be to open up your mods in fnvedit, then look at a specific mod creature.. 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled Type: Integer, Default value = 0 ZombieSymptomHealth is whether or not infected invidivuals will lose health by the second.. ZombieInfectionChance is the chance of success (as a percentage) when a zombie tries to infect a target.. I hope you are prepared to fight The zombies have their own factions, and are hostile to absolutely everything aside from other zombies. 5ebbf469cd 若若腱絲鐚2014鐚BR Rip Tamil Dubbed 720p [Tam-Eng] E-Subs 700MB-Shammu,≧潟若吾сHedraRar









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