What They Didn't Teach You In Photo School: What you actually need to know to succeed in the industry
Demetrius Fordham

ISBN: 9781781577158 | 208 pages | 6 Mb


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What They Didn't Teach You In Photo School: What you actually need to know to succeed in the industry Demetrius Fordham
Publisher: Octopus Books

Learn how to make your photography skills pay with this enlightening, engrossing, no-nonsense guide to professional shooting in the real world.

This book won't tell you how to take photographs. It will, though, teach you a much more difficult set of skills: how to be a photographer. Passing on hard-earned lessons from a successful career in commercial, editorial and lifestyle photography, Demetrius Fordham shows how to snag the best internships and assistant roles, impress at an interview, develop an amazing portfolio, forge strong relationships with clients, and lay the foundations of your own successful career.
Illustrated throughout with Demetrius' own duotone photography, dramatically typeset to appeal to visual thinkers, and presented in an appealing handbook format, this is the book that will launch the careers of the next generation of photographers.

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