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If you choose to download or save those images to your Windows 7 computer, then you will be able to double-click the file at any time to view it.. Learn what a GIF file is, how to open a GIF file or how to convert a GIF file to another file format.. However, Windows Photo Viewer will only show static GIF images If you are attempting to view an animated GIF file, then you may be better served using Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer.. However, depending upon how your computer is currently configured, that GIF file might open in an unusual program, such as a Web browser.. Additionally, you could download and install a third-party image program like  Once you have determined the desired program, you can follow the steps below.. To open GIFs, you will need to associate them with an Internet browser GIF files are among the most popular form of images that you will find on the Internet.. It also can contain small animations Unfortunately, the Windows image viewer Photo Gallery does not support GIF files.. Setting Default GIF Program on Windows 7 The first thing that you need to do before you decide how to open your GIF files is select the program that you want to use to view them.. Fortunately it is possible for you to determine how to open a GIF file in Windows 7 by choosing the default program that is used when you double-click on any GIF file from Windows 7.. This is because GIF format is able to compress images to a reasonable file size without losing too much quality.. There are a lot of different programs that you probably have on your computer which are up to the task, but some, like Windows Photo Viewer, are better suited for viewing images.. This can be inconvenient and limit the things that you might typically want to do with the image. cea114251b ptc creo 3.0m010,Moi3dV3ゃ祉潟鴻









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