How To Register Assembly With Regasm Using Installshield


Theoretically, if it's in the GAC, you don't need it in the product directory If it's in the GAC, that will be the version loaded, not the one in the product directory.. 3) Yes, you can deploy a strong-named assembly both globally and/or privatly Whether the private one will be seen or not depends on whether the assembly with the reference has UseSpecific set or not.. AFAIK, you can't have a file in the GAC and have it be in a random folder on the target computer at the same time.. This is effectively what GACUTIL does for you Remember: GACUTIL is not redistributable.. This instructs Windows Installer to use the MsiPublishAssemblies standard action which in turn makes calls into Fusion to register the assembly in the GAC.. 2) If your assembly is ComVisible, create a component for each DLL, mark it as the keyfile and set the.. NET Framework v4 0 30319 regasm exe /codebase mydll dll The above command works perfectly fine when run manually through command prompt with administrative access.. What's the best way to do it? Also I need to call regasm exe for an assembly; can I do this using InstallShield?I really need a new 'component' for each assembly that has to be registered in GAC?CornelCornel 2 Answers This answer assumes you are using a Windows Installer project type.. 1) Create a component for each DLL file, make it as the keyfile and set the destination folder to GlobalAssemblyCache.. However, it gets harder if you need to, say, register it for COM interop too I may be wrong, but when I tried, I had to have both: one in the directory, one in the GAC.. If the assembly has companion files, add them as companion files to the same component.. NET ComInterop to true This will cause the COM information to be extracted at build time, and tell Windows Installer to use the MsiPublishAssemblies standard action to write the information to the registry.. But fails through installer created using installshield script custom action Do you want to use your.. NET DLL (assembly) from VB6 or C++ application (native code)? Winols 2 24 Crack Yes, you can do that using COM Interop.. I have to register multiple assemblies to GAC using InstallSheild and also I need the assemblies to be copied on the INSTALLDIR also.. Note: If you have custom user code in the registration section of the assembly this will not be captured.. Christopher PainterChristopher PainterYes As far as the system cares, those are two different files.. Whats the best way to do it Also I need to call regasm exe for an assembly; can I do this using InstallShield.. This is per MSDN that regasm /regfile does not execute this code path You will have to manually enter this information into InstallShield's registry view for that component.. So we are written following commnad to register 'mydll dll' as below mentioned command, C: Windows Microsoft. ae05505a44 HD潟ゃ潟若ゃ種Teri Meherbaniyan 1985 720p 17鐚,HD潟ゃ潟若ゃ種Sivaji The Boss Tamil Movie Bluray D鐚









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