Do I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop Charger


I've seen internet postings on various sites saying that it's safe to use the 60w and 85w Magsafe power adapters with the MacBook Air (which comes with a 45w Magsafe power adapter).. That's much more powerful than I need for my 12' HP tx 2000 laptop, but at least it doesn't get hot at all.. Do I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop Charger Is Not WorkingDo I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop ChargerDo I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop Charger Not WorkingMy original PPC iBook was from the USA and all I needed was the UK adaptor for the charger.. On the other hand, if you use a 45w on your MacBook Pro, which requires an 85w charger while you are playing a game or editing video (using 100% CPU and/or GPU), your battery will still drain but at a must slower rate.. I personally use a 60w charger with my MacBook Pro Retina which comes with an 85w charger.. Some of the models require the higher current to charge their batteries, therefore those machines ship with higher wattage chargers.. Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing them with us, Keith! I'm using a 400 Watt inverter.. Here's the definitive answer: YES, you can use a higher rated power adapter with your MBA (or whatever) with no ill effect.. ) Thanks! Well i have an old MBP needing 85W that will NOT work with 60W i dont think that as mine is not backward compatible that the same mba - mac book air - of the same era would also not be compatable - it may work here n there temporarily but then damage the internal(s) of the machine as its designed to take less w-age - less wattage - NOT more or not 25W more then normal, however the only realy way to know is.. Your MB Air will just draw the same amount of current whichever adapter is used, as long as the minimum wattage is provided.. (I know the 60w and 85w Magsafe power adapters have a different form factor and that the MacBook Air can't sit flat on a surface if you use them -- I'm just curious if it's safe to use them on my MacBook Air.. Stu Wilson Mar 22 '12 at 8:20 Europe had voltages ranging from 220 (NL) to 240 (UK) and is in the process of transforming that into a Europe wide 230V 50Hz.. With some testing, it is definitely safe for the charger if you are charging a macbook that needs more wattage.. Do I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop ChargerThe charger will never provide more than the rated wattage, and as such, there is no higher risk of failure.. But I can't find any official statement from Apple confirming that this is so Just curious if anyone can definitively confirm that it is indeed safe.. The voltage of these adapters is all the same (I think around 18 5volts?), so it simply means the higher rated adapters are *capable* of providing higher current if necessary.. Do I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop Charger Is Not WorkingSee this KB article from Apple: the power rating of the adapter is simply the maximum power that it can supply.. In the reverse case, if you use too low a wattage adapter (e g 45W one on a MB Pro), there won't be enough current to charge the battery, although you can run it off AC power while plugged in.. Suck it and see some mac are different to other - i would not suck it an see id get a 60W as you dont want find it kills your mac if you try it its at your own risk.. Do I Need To Use A Converter For My Mac Laptop Charger Not WorkingI have read that if you let it reach zero, it'll keep on going and kill your battery as the voltage will go too low. 773a7aa168 KMSpico 11.2.9 FINAL Portable鐚OfficeWindows 10Activator潟若PC,businessstudiesclass12bookbypoonamgandhifree367









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